Tyrell Richards and the CFL combine: A ‘job interview’

This year combine was not an easy task for many players, due to the disturbances that COVID-19 created in players lives. It is especially true for Tyrell Richards, who despite being a blue-chip prospect, still has something to prove, since he did not get to play in 2021. Here is a quick look at a player that could make a great impact, one day, in the CFL.

A Player opened to Any Opportunity

Taking the decision to spend a whole year training, was not an easy one for Tyrell. The former Syracuse linebacker went into the transfer portal of the NCAA after the 2020 season, but although he had offers from various schools, in the end, he did not have enough transferable credits to make the move. That is when he chose training over enrolling into a junior college. He thought that would free him to look at any possibilities ahead. When you are No 4 in the CFL Scouting Bureau, it does open quite a few doors.

Of course, Tyrell would probably love to find himself in the NFL one day, being the most important sports league in the world. The CFL is a small market in comparison to the American league. There are but eight teams in the Canadian League versus thirty-two in the NFL, as a starter, which reduces the number of jobs available. Gamblers from all over the world look at NFL betting odds every week during the season, to place a wager on the games. The CFL is certainly not as popular worldwide. But it is still one of the most important American Football leagues in the world, which is why Tyrell is interested and treating this combine as a job interview.

Players are Not Only judged on Their Performance at the Combine

Though it is true that Tyrell went under the spotlights for a couple of days at the combine, it is certainly not the only thing that can make or break a player, as Drew Allemang, assistant General Manager of the Tiger Cats (Hamilton) said. The results that have been shown by players, in their previous years, also weigh in the balance, when the CFL Global draft day arrives. Therefore, all teams will be looking at the 54 tackles (9.5 for a loss) and the six sacks that Tyrell managed, during his tenure in Syracuse, over 31 games.

Tyrell Richards knows that too, but still he said that he is conscious that most guys have film from the 2021 season, which he doesn’t have. They also have stats; something he also lacks. Therefore, he believed he had to go out there and leave it all out on the field, if he wanted to convince the scouts, that he was the right player for their teams. The results remain to be seen, since the draft will only take place on May 3rd.

At 23, Tyrell Richards says he is ready to move on to a professional career. That is what he has been dreaming of, all his life, and he is looking forward to going out there, under the roar of the crowd, somewhere in a Canadian city, in 2022.

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