Ubell-Shopa DT/OT: A Goal on the Field

Playing football in high school years can attribute to many different potential distractions, however, TJ seems to have everything ready and prepped for this senior year playing with the Bev Facey Falcons.  Starting his football career with the Sherwood Park Wolverines, TJ was awarded the ‘Wicked Wolverine’ award (in essence of their themed team spirt) and offensive linesman of the year. Also with Bev Facey Falcons, TJ was acknowledged for his hard work and received the Offensive Linesman Award during his junior year.


TJ’s memorable highlight was during the 2015 season with the defeat in the Northern Tier 1 Provincial Final. TJ’s exact words are ‘ironic’ when describing the moment as it is was a defeat that had an influence over him.  Regardless that it was one of the most devastating moments of his football career, it gave TJ his outlook on the current season. “Myself and others who become seniors this year, refused to let such a moment happen again, but without that (loss) I don’t know how many of us would have trained as hard as we did in the off season.” It always is a moment that helps define our character, and this is one moment that, although was a negative one, helped define TJ’s future season.

In talking about the future, TJ is currently considering University of Alberta and has just finished a camp with Simon Fraser University this past July. However, the coaching staff policy is to focus on the current 2016 season and any type of post-secondary offers can be handled after the team plays their last game of the season. This arrangement is absolutely okay for TJ as he is excited to play completely focused on the games ahead and not be influenced by outside distractions.

Any potential offers for TJ when the season concludes, will definitely be reviewed. But he is quick to add “I will apply to schools as I see as beneficial to my academic goals” in showing a wisdom towards not only waiting after the football season, but the goal of knowing there is going to have to be an alternative to the sport. TJ seeks to have a school that he would be able to gain his Masters in English and then would like to pursue a career as a political analytics and preferably one that he can also play. When the time comes, he will certainly be ready for visits and offers to any post-secondary schools.

A self-proclaimed nerd, he likes to collect unique and interesting socks, different unique types of prints and convention memorabilia. Making TJ an interesting person to watch on the field and get to know off the field too. TJ accredits all of his success and quirks to his family. “In life, I find myself guided by my mother, step father, close friends and teachers.” TJ doesn’t stop their when he acknowledges how many different people gave him a hand supporting him and encouraging on the field. “In football I find my influence from not only my coaches but also from the players around me, not only my unit, but from everyone that I am accountable too.”


TJ’s success is the people around him, the motivation to do better and to strive for the best goal. He continues to push himself on the field with focusing in the off season training. “Four days a week training under Trevor MacIntyre, who has sent at least one of his guys to the CFL or NFL every year for the past 15 years.” TJ goes on to explain that the key for this upcoming season isn’t only the training, but also the mental game, “I hope to improve on some of the mental mistakes we have exhibited in the past, on top of that to maintain strength and cardio ability.”

Great things ahead for a committed young man with nothing more than a major goal.

TJ Ubell-Shopa
Offensive Tackle & Defensive Tackle
6’1, 260 lbs

Teams: Sherwood Park Wolverines CDMFA, Bev Facey Falcons ASAA
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Considerations: None
Class: 2017


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