UTTLEY: National high school playoff?



Every year the CFC50 produces a No. 1 ranked team in Canada that will generally identify themselves as the national champion. Instead of a hypothetical champion, what would it take to have a national high school playoff that would give us an on-the-field National Champion that would be identified as the best high school team in the entire country?

Using last year as an example, let’s apply the possible format that could be used and examine the matchups and logistics of crowning a National Champion.

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One Comment

  1. The post-grad players in Ontario are the #1 factor determining success. More often than not, the teams competing in the OFSAA Bowl games have double digit post-grad players on their roster and these post-grad players are almost always their best players. If you remove the post-grad players, you will not be sending the best teams from Ontario.

    The other issue is the difference in rules. I’m pretty sure BC still plays American rules football (11 players on an american sized field, 4 downs, US motion rules, special teams rules, etc.). It’s unfair to expect the BC rep to prepare in 1 week for this change.

    I love the vision, but until you eliminate 5th year players in Ontario, and get BC to play full Canadian rules, this has no chance.

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