UTTLEY’s top prospects: Nine new prospects crack the 2nd edition of the CFC100

Since we released the first edition of the CFC100 top prospects list for 2018, myself and other members of the scouting bureau have been to several camps, clinics, and combines, as well as all-star games, evaluating players, both on the list, new to the list, or potential players for the lists in the near future.

During this evaluation period, we finalized the second edition of the CFC100 – to be released soon – which includes nine new additions, players who we have found from across the country. They have demonstrated that they have the potential to be outstanding prospects, as well as excelled in all-star games against other players who are currently on the list. For the scouting bureau, if we get a chance to see you play, and you light it up in an all-star game, that is the fastest way to prove to us that you deserve to be a CFC100.

Let’s introduce you to these nine players (in no particular order) who have shown that they either have the talent or can compete at a very high level.

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