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New WWCFL player Arthur still holds place in heart for MWFL

Having relocated with her family from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Calgary, Alberta, it represented a significant life change for Holly Arthur. One of the leaders for the Hailfax Xplosion in the Maritime Women’s Football League, Arthur was dedicated to spreading the message about Xplosion football throughout the community.

Representing the proud and enthusiastic energy that the Xplosion had as the only MWFL club in Nova Scotia, her assiduous efforts on the field was only matched by her dedication off the field. Arthur’s greatest legacy may have been her efforts in getting the Xplosion to march in the Halifax Pride Parade.

Although the decision to relocate to Alberta for career purposes was a great loss for the Xplosion, Arthur’s contributions shall not be forgotten. While the culmination of her westward journey presented an opportunity to continue her gridiron career, the Halifax Xplosion still holds a hallowed place in her heart.

While there was a brief bit of soul searching required before committing to play football in 2015, it is a decision that provides jubilation for Arthur. Despite work commitments limiting the amount of practice time during training camp, her kind-hearted and engaging personality has made her an ideal fit for the Rage. Bringing a wide-ranging series of accomplishments from the MWFL to her new role with the Rage, her emphasis on teamwork and perseverance helps bring a veteran presence to a squad that endured a difficult rebuilding in 2014,


“Unfortunately, I have not been able to commit as much as I would like to my new team. I was originally up in the air on playing this year due to my work schedule but am glad I was talked into it. Since I cannot be there every practice, I feel it has naturally taken me a bit longer to break into the Rage family of girls and coaches who have been together for years. Although, those feelings of the new kid all went away once I hopped on our bus last weekend and rode to Lethbridge for our first regular season game.

I forgot how amazing it feels to come together as a team and a family for our common goal of pulling out W’s on the gridiron. We fought so hard on that field together and although we came out short with a tough 7-6 loss it really brought everyone, old and new, O and D, together as one. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish this year together.”

During the Rage’s first game this season, a hard fought 7-6 loss to the Lethbridge Steel (which saw Kessie Stefanyk become the first coach in WWCFL history to win a regular season game), Arthur wore a Halifax Xplosion t-shirt on the team bus home. It represented a subconscious warmth for Arthur, reminiscing on her initial sojourn into football.

Posting a selfie on social media in which she is donning the t-shirt, it bridged an emotional moment in her career, making the jump from the MWFL to the WWCFL. In sharing her feelings for the Xplosion on social media, it was an opportunity to connect with her former MWFL teammates, fusing heartfelt empathy with admiration.

“Last Saturday, as much enjoyment as I was having with my new team, I also had a bit of a sad moment too. Scrolling through my phone passing time on the travels to the game (after going through my playbook once or twice of course), I saw all of my past teammates’ posts. They were posts of excitement traveling to their game that day. It made me miss the girls I had played with for so many years.

We were truly a family not just of teammates but friends and regardless of any game outcome we always had such so much fun together. I could not help but rep the Halifax Xplosion on my first game day as a Rage player. I wore my Xplosion football t-shirt home on the bus that night and ensured to post a pic for all my past teammates to know I was thinking about them. I wish them the best of luck this season!”

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