WJ Mouat’s Manocha is a machine on the field


Dylan Manocha likes being able to help out the team in any way necessary.  This athlete, who stands at 5’11 and weighing 185 lbs, helps out by playing a multitude of positions for the WJ Mouat Hawks in the Eastern Conference in AAA BC high school football.

Whether it’s as a running back or returning the ball for the last 6 years of playing football, Dylan comes to play, but not before his favorite pre-game meal of Pasta.

“I love to play running back because i love the physicality of it and being able to run, catch, or block from the position. I like being able to help my team in anyway necessary whether it be from running back, receiver, returning, and even punting the ball.

While he does play numerous positions on the field, Dylan says he doesn’t try to model his game after anyone else.  His reasoning for this is as he says , “I like to play the game the way I do and be the best I can be.” Praying before a game, he plays his heart out each and every time he sets foot on the field to compete.


When he gets asked what football means to him, his answer comes easy.

“Football means the world to me. I love being able to learn good life lessons through football. I think about it everyday. I love everything about it whether it be training for it to winning games, I always can compare something from life to football. It’s not just a sport to me but it’s a lifestyle.”

He plans to be a student athlete and play football at the university level whether it be NCAA or U Sports, even though he hasn’t made a commitment to a university team yet, he has his top picks for sure. These include and in no particular order,

“My top 3 choices would be SFU because they play in the NCAA and are local and are building a good program, UBC in the CIS because they are also local and have a great program, Manitoba in the CIS because they have a good program to be in. These three schools are my top choices because they are all great programs and have a lot to offer in terms of football and academics.”

Playing football in post-secondary is a big step. For Dylan, he thinks that he can handle the adjustment and thrive in it.

“I think I will be able to adjust nicely at the next level and I think I will be able to compete well. I want to redshirt my first year to transition good to the next level and take that time to improve academically, physically, and athletically.”


The most influential people in his life are many. He mentions his parents, specifically, when he was asked.

“Some of the most influential people in my life are my parents because they are always giving me great advice whether it be in the classroom, on the field, or even just in life. They are always supporting me and I cannot thank them enough for it. I want to do great things in life to show them how much gratitude I have for them.”

During the off-season, Dylan can be found on the track and field team as a sprinter and competing in jumping events. I am thinking about doing the decathlon this year because I feel like it is something I can do well in.”

With that attitude, success is a sure thing.


Dylan Manocha
5’11”, 185lbs

Teams: Eugene Reiner middle school, Rick Hansen hurricanes, WJ Mouat hawks, Team BC
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: open
Class:  2017


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