X-Men ‘have some of the best coaches’

X-Men add two out-of-province commits and one international commit to their 2019 class.

Offensive lineman James Hillaby from St. Francis High School is ready to get in the trenches with the Saint Francis Xavier X-Men.

Receivers Mike Finn from Holy Trinity Catholic School and Matt Conley from Cape Elizabeth High School will also be joining the X-Men.

James Hillaby

When the new season starts, James Hillaby is looking to make an impact on the X-Men. “It’s a good school with a good team that looks for skill and results over size and intimidation and it just feels like a good fit,” said the 5’9, 295lbs centre.

“They have some of the best coaches in the country and their coaches have a genuine interest in getting players to succeed in school as well as football,” he added.

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Hillaby is interested in human kinetics.

Hillaby has been playing for four and a half years. He was a member of the Calgary Cowboys (CSFA) and the St. Francis Browns (CHSAA). He was the ‘most outstanding lineman’ in 2016 and 2018. In 2017 he won a city championship and the following season a provincial championship with the Browns. He was also a 2018 CSFA all-star, team captain and scholarship recipient. He is a two-time city champion with the Cowboys in 2016 and 2017.

Mike Finn

Mike Finn will be flying in from Fort McMurray, Alberta. He played with the Fort McMurray Ravens (NEF) and the Holy Trinity Knights (BRL). He is 5’10, 160lbs and has also played as a quarterback.

Matt Conley

Matt Conley lives south of the border in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, where he played football with the Cape Elizabeth Capers. Standing at 6’1, 170lbs, he played as both a tight end and outside linebacker. He was a Campbell Conference all-star in 2018.

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