2015 ONTARIO PROSPECT CHALLENGE (St.Catharines): Warner & Neilson propel Team West to victory


The first game of the Saturday Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) schedule at Kiwanis Field, St. Catharines saw the Team West and Team Underclassmen squads.

In the first half, Team West scored three touchdowns – Eric Neilson had a four yard rushing major, Michael Warner connected with Seth Robertson for a 20 yard score and Drake Bodi ran down field for a five yard touchdown.

After leading 18-0 at the half, Team West continued to run up the score.  Jake Heydon found Tucker Almert for a 15 yard score while Warner connected with Bodi for his second score on the day.

Rounding out the scoring was Seth Robertson scored on a 12 yard touchdown,

Team West had a total of 218 yards rushing versus Team Halton-Peel’s total of 13 yards.


2015 Ontario Prospect Challenge

Underclassmen Game Summary

Halton Peel      0     vs.     West      36

Qtr.        Team     Time          Play                                      Convert                         Running


1st        W        3:37     Eric Neilson, 4 yard run                                  no good                       W 6-0

1st        W        7:01     Seth Robertson from Michael Warner, 20 yds.            no good                       W 12-0

2nd        W        3:45     Drake Bodi, 5 yard run                                   no good                       W 18-0

3rd        W        6:50     Tucker Almert from Jake Heydon, 15 yds.    no good                       W 24-0

3rd        W        9:06     Drake Bodi from Michael Warner, 40 yds.    no good                       W 30-0

4th        W        9:00     Seth Robertson from Jake Heydon, 12 yds.   no good                       W 36-0



Halton Peel                             West


Rushing (att.-yds.)                  24-13                                       29-218

Passing Yards                         46                                            101

– Team Losses                         0                                              -5

Net Offence                            59                                            314

First Downs                            4                                              17

Return Yards                          n/a                                           n/a

Fumbles-Lost                          1-1                                           1-1

Interceptions by                      0                                              2

Penalties-Yards                       4-35                                         4-50



HALTON PEEL                   WEST


Rushing (atts.-yds.)                  Tyler Stewart 4-10                  Eric Neilson 8-68, td

Carter Hooper 2-3                   Jordan Robinson Wright 4-49

Liam Keary 2-2                       Josh Munoz 9-33

Alex Gingras 4-2                     Drake Brodi 2-30, td

Daniel Eldridge 3-1                Jake Heydon 3-26

Justin Riley 2-11

Grant Wilson Gilmour 1-1



Receiving (cat.-yds.)                Jayden Dunnink 1-43              Drake Brodi 1-40, td

Erich Foerster 1-5                   Seth Robertson 2-32, 2 tds

Tucker Almert 1-15, td

Rylan Rand 1-8

Owen Jones 1-6


Passing                                    Daniel Eldridge 2-9-0-0-48     Michael Warner 2-5-2-0-60

(comp.-atts.-tds-int-yds)         Karis Salpys 0-1-0-0-0            Jake Haydon 4-5-2-0-41

Christian Smodis 1-9-0-2-0     Jordan Robinson Wright 0-6-0-0-0


Defence                                   Joshua McBain  5 tackles & sack   Curtis Valiquette – 3 tackles

Kaiden Dacre  3 tackles and tfl       Brayden Schneider – 3 tackles for loss, int.

Tyler Kellerman tackle & sack   Jaden Dowling – tackle and int.





Game Awards


Baron Rings M.V.P.                                                  Michael Warner – West

Big Kahuna Offensive Player                                 Eric Neilson – West

Xenith Helmets Defensive Player                         Tyler Kellerman – Halton Peel



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