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All major brands. All have realized the positives of partnering with

These companies have the vision to recognize the benefits of teaming up with the leader for amateur football. And now, your company can find out, too.’s mission is to enhance the coverage and exposure of Canadian football amateur leagues, teams, coaches and players.

Major brands can endorse that mission through sponsorship of

The online football audience (which includes the ‘CFC Network”) is now averaging 300 000 page views per month and has over 120,000 visits per month. Our dramatic growth since launch in February 2010 is anticipated to continue throughout the next year and beyond. also has taken advantage of an innovative social media strategy, which has resulted more than 15,000 Facebook fans. We are adding more fans every day. has proven to be a very sponsor-friendly site and we strive to fully integrate our partners into the site, not just run a series of banner ads.

Opportunities that our sponsors have taken advantage of include:

  • Pre-roll commercials during Live Game / video streaming
  • Title sponsorship of individual sections of the site (e.g., RANKINGS)
  • Contests offering our sponsors’ products as prizes, such as the CIS PREDICTOR CHALLENGE.
  • Editorial and advertorial exposure in our electronic newsletter
  • Full integration into our social media platforms
  • Sponsor-powered splash pages where a company can showcase products in an engaging way through multimedia editorial content and commerce-driving calls to action
  • Offline opportunities such as the Football Canada Coaches Association

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