CFC Player Rankings (Class of 2022 – Class of 2014)

CFC100 / CFC150 / CFC200 = High School/Prep School Prospects

CFC60 = CEGEP/JUCO Prospects

CFC10 = Specialists Prospects

CFC40 = NCAA/U Sports Draft Eligible Prospects

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CFC100 2nd Ed June 2022

CFC100 1st Ed Aug 2021

CFC150 FINAL Ed Aug 2021
CFC150 3rd Ed Apr 2021
CFC150 2nd Ed Nov 2020
CFC150 1st Ed Jul 2020

CFC100 1st Ed Mar 2020

CFC60 January 2022 Ed

CFC30 1st Ed Dec 2021

CFC200 4th Ed Nov 2020
CFC200 3rd Ed Sept 2020
CFC200 2nd Ed May 2020
CFC200 1st Ed Feb 2020
CFC150 3rd Ed Oct 2019
CFC150 2nd Ed May 2019
CFC150 1st Ed March 2019
CFC100 6th Ed Aug 2019
CFC100 5th Ed May 2019
CFC100 4th Ed March 2019
CFC100 3rd Ed Dec 2018
CFC100 2nd Ed Sept 2018
CFC100 1st Ed June 2018

CFC200 Final Ed Jan 2020 
CFC200 1st Ed Nov 2019 
CFC150 3rd Ed Oct 2019
CFC150 2nd Ed May 2019
CFC150 1st Ed April 2019
CFC100 7th Ed July 2019
CFC100 6th Ed May 2019
CFC100 5th Ed Feb 2019
 CFC100 4th Ed Dec 2018
CFC100 3rd Ed Aug 2018
CFC100 2nd Ed June 2018
CFC100 1st Ed Apr 2018

CFC10 2nd Ed Nov 2020
CFC10 1st Ed Nov 2019 

CFC60 February 2020 Ed
CFC60 October 2019 Ed
CFC60 May 2019 Ed

CFC40 NCAA 2nd Ed Dec 2019
CFC40 NCAA 1st Ed Sept 2019

CFC40 U Sports Dec 2019 2nd Ed
CFC40 U Sports Aug 2019 1st Ed

CFC100 Final Ed Dec 2019
CFC100 5th Ed Oct 2019
CFC100 4th Ed Aug 2019
CFC100 3rd Ed June 2018
CFC100 2nd Ed April 2018
CFC100 1st Ed March 2018

CFC60 Final Ed Oct 2018
CFC60 2nd Ed Aug 2018
CFC60 Ed June 2018

CFC100 Final Ed Feb 2018
 CFC100 3rd Oct 2017
CFC100 2nd Ed April 2017
 CFC100 1st Ed March 2017

CFC60 Final Ed Feb 2017
CFC60 1st Ed April 2017 

CFC100 Final Ed Jan 2017
CFC100 3rd Ed Nov 2016
CFC100 2nd Ed Sept 2016
CFC100 1st Ed May 2016

CFC100 Final Ed June 2016
CFC100 2nd Ed Sept 2015
CFC100 1st Ed June 2015

CFC100 Final Ed Jan 2015
CFC100 2nd Ed Sept 2014
CFC100 1st Ed May 2014

CFC100 Final Ed Jan 2014
CFC100 2nd Ed Aug 2013
CFC100 1st Ed March 2013

CFC100 top prospects RANKINGS ‘need to know’ facts


CFC100-150-200  =  high school football prospects (non-specialist)

CFC60 = Quebec CEGEP and American Junior College (JuCo) football prospects

CFC40 = U Sports & NCAA players who are eligible to declare for upcoming CFL/NFL draft

CFC10 = high school football specialist prospects – kickers, punters, long snappers


Rankings are determined by CFC’s proprietary algorithm known as the “CFC Prospect Composite Score”. You must be on track to qualify as a ‘National’ in the Canadian Football League (CFL) to be eligible for all CFC player rankings.  CFC scouts conduct and attend camps, clinics, tournaments, games and other football functions to continually update the CFC database. 


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QB = Quarterback

RB = Running Back 

FB = Fullback

TE = Tight End 

WR = Wide receiver/Inside receiver

OT = Offensive Tackle

OG = Offensive Guard

C = Offensive Centre

DE = Defensive End

DT = Defensive Tackle

LB = Linebacker

CB = Cornerback

DB = Safety/Halfback

K/P = Kicker/Punter

CFC Scouting Bureau

The (CFC) Scouting Bureau is comprised of CFC scouts, selected private scouts, selected college coaches, and other professional contributors.