5 Advantages of Being a Football Player in Canadian College

Have you ever wondered why college football was so popular in almost every Canada college? The U Sports football program includes 27 teams into the college-level Canadian football league. These students invest a lot of time and effort into training, but they still manage to do well with their school activities

We owe the beginnings of Canadian football to colleges. The first documented game was played at the University of Toronto in 1861. The universities in this country hold a wealth of football talent. It’s where professional sports clubs source most of their players.

If you’re having doubts about being a football player at college, we have a list of advantages that might convince you to choose that path.

5 Benefits of Joining a Canadian College Football Team

1. Physical Activity Reduces Stress

First and foremost, football is a form of stress relief. We all know how challenging the life of a student at college is. When they engage in a team sport, they develop friendships and use each training session as an outlet of accumulated stress.

The physical benefits of exercise are clear. You’ll have a stronger, more attractive body if you play football. However, your mind will become stronger, too. Exercise is vital for reducing stress and maintaining mental fitness. Even brief exercise sessions stimulate positive effects on your emotional wellbeing.

Let’s not avoid the fact that being part of an actual football team is a demanding challenge. It may put an additional stress on a student’s life. However, Canadian students find a way to deal with time issues. Most of them get professional assignment help to handle assignments, so they can focus on classes, trainings, and studying. The level of physical activity in their lives makes them more resistant to any kind of stress.

2. You Become Proud of Your School

When you play for a football team, you develop a sense of obligation. It’s almost like patriotism.

Canadian football rivalries have a rich history. Some of them have been going on for over 100 years. When you’re playing a game against your biggest rival, you give everything in your power to win. You connect with the school’s history and ideals. You want to make the entire campus proud of what you achieve.

It’s a sense of community that only college athletes can understand.

3. GameDay Is a Big Thing

You’ll love the excitement before the game. Everyone will talk about it. If you’re playing against your toughest rival, your team will be the main topic of conversations on campus.

On the day of the game, hundreds of fans will show up with funny signs, costumes, and high levels of enthusiasm. There’s nothing like that adrenaline rush you’ll feel at that moment. Should we even start talking about the parties after a big win? They make all the efforts worthwhile.

4. You Can Get a Scholarship

Colleges from the United States are known for offering athletic scholarships. There’s a common misconception that Canadian schools don’t do the same. They do! The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association and U Sports offer such opportunities.

U Sports calls them Athletic Financial Awards. They include not only scholarships and bursaries, but merit awards, leadership awards, housing, and other financial benefits as well.

Even if you’re not struggling with finances during college, a financial injection will certainly do you well.

5. Fans Will Support You

You’ll be surprised to see the dedication of Canadian college football fans. You’ll get the impression that they live for the game. Everyone feels a connection to the football team of their college. Each win makes them proud to study there. Students love their college teams even if they don’t participate in them.

Who doesn’t want to be one of the favorite people on campus? Football players gain instant popularity as soon as they become part of the team.

This Sport Is Amazing!

Yes; it seems brutal when you watch it. But when you become part of it, you don’t spare yourself from physical effort to achieve or prevent touchdowns. When the adrenaline boost kicks in, you don’t even feel the pain.

Being part of the college team comes with great advantages. You’ll become popular on campus and fans will cheer for you. If you’re good, you’ll gain a financial award to support your studies. You’ll live for game days and you’ll feel a greater attachment to your school.

If you love football and you play it well, don’t miss the opportunity to become part of your college team.

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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