5 College Football Recruiting Tips To Help You Get Signed To Play NCAA or USports Football

The competition to play NCAA and U Sports football is incredibly high. The number of student athletes seeking spots on teams across North America, let alone gaining a scholarship, is immense. Many student athletes expect coaches and college programs to come to them. Yet, most programs do not just recruit players with little to no information about them.

So, how do you get coaches and college football teams to come calling? Here are 5 college football recruiting tips to help you get signed to play NCAA or U Sports football. If you are a college football fan and like wagering on it, get the latest betting promos from https://www.betminded.com/ and wager on football with confidence.

  1. Start the college recruiting process early

Waiting until the summer between your junior and senior years of high school to start the recruiting process is too late. You need to begin the process far earlier. In fact, it is never too early to start the process. The competition to play college football is higher than it has ever been before. Student athletes make commitments earlier and earlier every year.

  1. Be realistic

The No. 1 problem most football players have is unrealistic expectations. Many players send emails and highlight tapes to schools that they are not the right fits for. You must have realistic expectations. If you are not at the level of a D1 school, then you need to understand the fact, and focus on getting recruited by a D2 school. You need to understand your athletic ability and football level. Once you do, you can select the college that is right for you.

  1. Online profiles won’t do all the work

An online football recruiting profile does help students get noticed. Yet, an online recruiting profile won’t do all the work. Most college football coaches don’t scroll through the thousands of player profiles online. Coaches discover players through other coaches, camps, and other methods. Just because you put a profile up online, it doesn’t mean coaches will beat down your door seeking your signature.

  1. Have a highlight video ready

A recruiting video gives you an advantage over every college football recruit that doesn’t have one. A video gives a college football coach the chance to see you in action. If you have a link to the video that can be placed in emails, you are more likely to impress a coach. DVDs can be lost or thrown away (do players send DVDs in 2021?), and you have no idea if a coach actually has watched it. Ensure your video has highlights you are proud of on it.

  1. Consider non-D1 schools

For a lot of high school football players, they focus entirely on Division 1 schools. Being focused just on D1 schools makes it easy for you to be overlooked by programs at other levels. There are a lot of college football teams out there, but you need to realize playing D2 or D3 football gives you the chance to play and get an education. In addition, your athletic ability may fit these “smaller” schools.

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