6 Characteristics Football Recruiters are Looking for    

It is crucial for football players to attract recruiters and coaches fresh out of college. Similar to business or any other field, sports recruitment requires planning and strategy. An athlete must be able to build his character and persona concerning his stats and athleticism. Ultimately, it requires some tips and tricks of the trade, like the best online casino Canada games or any virtual sports game.


It is the culminating moment for every athlete to be recruited into the team or coach they desire. To be drafted is the end-all and be-all of a school athlete as he builds his career and forges his path in the professional leagues. Of course, not all recruiters follow a mould in selecting types of athletes, but these features fall under the bare minimum requirement to be taken on by a coach. Here are six characteristics football recruiters are looking for.




The most significant trait is athleticism. Coaches focus on performance and statistics utilizing school results as a baseline. It is the basis of an athlete’s capacity and potential to play in more significant leagues. In addition, recruiters seek a perfect match and blend that can fill in to solidify the current lineup or dispel the team’s weakness.


Versatility and flexibility


An athlete’s versatility or capability to compete and contribute to his teammates’ strengths and weaknesses are attractive to recruiters. Unfortunately, only a handful of teams can take in athletes with specialized skills; it is best to work on versatility in positions that serve as supplementary qualities to build a stronger team. Essentially, a recruit’s athletic performance should be in line with the existing team members’ capabilities.




An athlete with excellent leadership potential is passionate about the team’s success and can motivate team players. Team captains are a perfect example of a leadership position that is passionately dedicated to lead the group through collaboration and inspiration.




University football players must meet the minimum academic requirements to be admitted to a team and maintain their position throughout their college careers. An outstanding student-athlete must be as motivated in the classroom as much as on the field.




On top of superior athletic performance, recruiters are likewise after players who take an active role to be better. They seek recruits that are good but have the potential to elevate. A key indicator for potential is assessing a player’s stats and improved performance throughout high school and college. This way, recruiters can assess the dedication and grit of the athlete.




Similar to other professional and career paths, work ethic and the emotional quotient of an individual are crucial to teamwork and collaboration. A winning team must harbour solid bonds and friendships with substantial regard for professionalism in achieving a goal. An outstanding quality recruit must unite a team through motivation, hard work, and consistent work ethics.




In a nutshell, a sure-fire way to ace a football recruitment process is to build your career with these six traits. Then, actively hone your personality with these six characteristics to stay on top of your game and eventually become a top-of-mind choice to recruiters in the country.

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