6 Strategies to Make Money from Betting on Football

The CFL standings feature Canada’s ranking football teams. The upcoming betting season is populated with world-beaters in Saskatchewan, Calgary, Hamilton, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, British Columbia, Toronto, and Ottawa. The top team in the 2019 season in the West Division was Saskatchewan on 26 points with a 13-5-0 record over 18 games. In the East Division, it was Hamilton who clinched victory with an even more impressive record of 15-3-0.

In football, as in life, anything can happen at any time. Sports betting aficionados routinely make use of tips, tricks, and strategies to make money from betting on football, some orthodox, and others straight out of left field. Whatever football teams you support, there are at least 6 failsafe strategies to help you make more money from the game you love. Let’s get right to it!

#1 – Pick a Reputable Sportsbook

Never ever bet good money with a shyster sportsbook. There are way too many reputable sports books for you to waste your time, effort, and money with disreputable betting operators. Always look for trustworthy sports books when betting on football. Next time you want a place three-way money line bets, double chance bets, half-time result bets, full-time result bets, handicap bets, or correct score bets, go with a name you can trust. That means do some research and pick a winner.

#2 – Do Some Digging

Betting on sports like football requires knowledge of what’s going on with the players, the pitch conditions, and the venue. Many football teams perform exceptionally well at home and poorly away – that’s standard with sports given the impact of home-ground advantage. Are there any injuries? Replacements? New players making a debut? What about fitness levels? Any players carrying injuries? These questions are important because they can turn a game on its head. If a star quarterback for your favourite team, or any other football team is sidelined, it’s going to impact the betting odds and the team’s chances of winning.

#3 – Don’t Limit Yourself in Football Betting

While we all prefer to bet on teams we know and follow, there’s just too much football going on for us to neglect all the other teams that aren’t our favourites. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little help from a reputable sports betting provider. That’s why bonuses and promotions are so handy. Many online casino operators which also run sports books offer free bets to newly registered players via an online casino app – mobile sports betting is definitely the way to go. If your chosen online casino/online sports book operator offers such an option, make use of it.

#4 – Make Bets with More Chance of Winning

At first glance, this seems pretty obvious – why would you bet on something that has a low likelihood of winning? However, there are certain bets known as parlays which require you to keep winning each leg in order to win the whole bet. Other bets known as proposition bets are available for football, and they typically refer to things that ‘will happen or won’t happen’ during the game such as who will win the coin toss, or what colour shirt the referee will be wearing, and so forth. The easiest bets to make are which team will win or lose, or who will lead at half-time. It’s more difficult to determine what the final score will be, so bets like that may not be the best option for new football bettors.

#5 – Try to Bet on Less Publicized Matches

The quarter-finals, semifinals, and finals of football matches are always carefully worked over by the bookmakers. You will hardly ever find an unbelievable betting opportunity with football odds in these types of contests. However, in the warmup stages and group stages of a major competition, there’s always the chance that bet offers great odds. Your goal is to make as much profit as possible and that means finding a sportsbook that may have missed a trick and given a team long-odds, when the team is in fact pretty good and probably going to win. That’s where lots of digging can actually help in football betting.

#6 – Don’t Bet on Tilt

Emotionally-based betting is the worst way to play. Keep your emotions in check and bet with surgical precision. Be wary about the value of your individual bet size, since you should limit your bets to a maximum of 5% of your total available bankroll. Once you’ve placed that bet, it’s done. Don’t second-guess yourself and ride it through till the end!

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