As the regular season closes, who are the Grey Cup front runners?

The Grey Cup is one of the most coveted prizes in Canadian football. As the championship game of the league, it has long been the case that the winners of this game are deemed by football fans across Canada to be the best of the bunch.


And now that the regular season is coming to a close, people are turning their attention to what this year’s Grey Cup might hold. The 108th Grey Cup is set to take place in December, and now is as good a time as any to think about who the front runners might be. This blog post will delve into the question, and will explore what could happen when the finalists meet.


When and where?


First of all, it’s prudent to make sure you’re familiar with when and where the match is taking place. It’s taking place in Hamilton, at Tim Hortons Field. And it’ll be a winter game: it’s taking place on December 12. The game is Canada’s biggest sporting event, so everything from entertainment to television rights is already hotting up.


What do the odds say?


Odds are one possible way of uncovering what could happen in the Grey Cup or similar events. They’re not a guarantee, of course, and don’t promise anything. They are, however, a fairly quantitative method of working out what might happen, and the fact that they’re mathematical can mean they preclude the sort of dynamic, qualitative analysis that human pundits can convey.


But their precision also brings some advantages. And, if you’re a gambler, you’ll need to engage with them sooner or later. As this sports data website shows, odds can and do change quickly. On the topic of the Grey Cup front runner, a recent analysis showed that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were out in front, with odds of around +125 from some providers.


Coming in after them were three other big-name teams: the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Toronto Argonauts and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. These three teams were all on +500 or +550, and following them are the Calgary Stampeders and Montreal Alouettes. This post will now look at two of these teams in particular, and explore why they might be out there in front.


Possible winner: Hamilton Tiger-Cats


In some ways, it feels fated that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats might be named as a potential winner. It’s happening on their home turf, after all, which gives them an in-built advantage, to some extent. They came close to winning back in 2019, but they were pipped to the post by the Blue Bombers. However, many of those who were members of that side will now make a reappearance – meaning that they could finally get their second chance at glory.


Pundits are also pointing out that the team’s personnel are looking particularly strong at the moment – perhaps, even, to the extent that they are widely regarded as one of the best teams in Canada. The fact that defensive back Patrick Levels has been integrated into the team is also giving fans and pundits alike the impression that the Tiger-Cats really are in it to win it.


Possible winner: Calgary Stampeders


The Calgary Stampeders are also considered to be front runners in the Grey Cup stakes. To some degree, they’re facing challenges: they still have the embarrassing memory of having to pull out of the West playoffs two years ago, which left them down in the dumps. It won’t, then, be an easy win for the side. But the odds show it’s not out of the question that they will pull off a big win.


One suggestion by pundits is that the side might find themselves feeling extra motivated to get to victory. And another suggestion is that the recent recovery from illness of various different players on the team could have a positive effect. One of their quarterbacks, Bo Levi Mitchell, has recently begun leaping back into action after an extended shoulder ailment – and his re-invigoration could act as a driver towards success.


In short, there’s not yet any guarantee about what will happen at the 108th Grey Cup this December. If there was, there’d be no point in turning up to watch and joining in the excitement. But the good news is that there are some informed predictions taking place by the pundits, just like those outlined in this article. If you’re thinking of placing a bet or two, then, there’s a lot here that you can base your predictions on.

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