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They told me to just do it, I listened to what that swoosh said

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Belmont Bulldog senior, Darien Attridge was a defensive and offensive threat in the AAA Western Conference in British Columbia. At 5’10 and 195 pounds, Attridge has the deadly combination of speed and athleticism. The Bulldogs run a pistol read option offense. In his Junior season Attridge was used as a slot back, but this season, he was used as a running back.

In a game during the regular season, Attridge caught a quick screen pass and turned the ball upfield. Upon reaching a defender Attridge hurdled him. “I didn’t make it over him clean” laughed Attridge, “he clipped my foot, then I just nose dived!”

Despite being a natural ball carrier, Darien prefers playing defense. “Playing halfback is the best position on the field. Stopping the pitches and outside runs, but also covering passes. Sometimes you get to take on a lead blocker, in that instance you get to go a 1000 miles an hour down the field and give a man a smack, how can you not like that?” he says.

Attridge had 39 tackles, 1 sack and 4 forced fumbles with the Bulldogs this season, gaining the attention of coaches from Saskatchewan, Wilfred Laurier, St. FX, Mc Gill, and Ottawa U. He is assessing schools based on the program’s potential to win, but also is considering schools that offer education programs, as he wishes to teach and possibly coach down the road.

Already focusing on the transition to the next level, Darien says, “This off season I want to improve my speed, but also gain weight as most coaches want me to play Sam Backer.” He is also hoping to play on the school’s badminton team to improve footwork and speed in addition to lifting 3-5 times a week.

Aside from maturing and developing physically, Attridge is keenly aware of the mental aspect of the game. “The game can be played by any sized person, but it’s the mental aspect that doesn’t let everyone play. You have to be mentally tough, you have to play through a throbbing hit you just received, and stay mentally focused on doing your job.” He adds that he will continue to develop his football IQ with offseason film study, both with his team and individually.

Adjusting to the next level will be difficult, but also manageable. Darien attributes his technical development and his confidence to the Bulldog’s, Coach Sanschargin. He looks to Alberta Golden Bear, and Belmont graduate, Court Boice, for advice on the recruiting process, but also as a role model.

Attridge has the physical and mental capacity to be competitive in this game for some time to come. His passion for a game he started at the age of 6 is evident in his final comments,

“Football is the most amazing sport. Everything you learn can be translated to life. What makes it so important is the team.”

Darien Attridge
5’10, 195lbs

Teams: Westshore Warriors, Victoria Spartans, Belmont Bulldogs
Unofficial Visits: SFU
Official Visits: none
Consideration: SFU, Saskatchewan, Wilfred Laurier, St. FX, Mc Gill, Ottawa U, open
Commitment: none
Class: 2017
Stats 2015: 30 tackles, 1 FREC, 1 FF
Stats 2016: 39 tackles, 1 sack, 1 FREC, 4 FF



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