Brandon Bridge to Shift from Football to Police Work?

Switching careers nowadays is a common occurrence. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see people choosing jobs that are opposite to what they used to do. With an emerging gaming industry, many young and promising people decide to turn to all kinds of games and make a career on playing online. For example, professional gamers can find a wide range of jobs even at the sphere of casino games and live roulettes at Free Roulette Doc.

Moreover, many people give up their nine-to-five jobs to pursue careers in freelance work, start their businesses, or even test their skills in particular sports.

It seems somewhat logical that people tend to pursue their passions, and that many give up jobs that are dangerous or boring to pursue jobs in gaming, art, or sports. But what happens when the different thing occurs? Such is the story of a Canadian football player Brandon Bridge.

According to Peel Regional Police that made an announcement today, the 27-year-old QB from Mississauga, Ontario, wants to pursue a policing career and made a significant change in his life. He has been playing in the CFL for the last five years, even though quarterbacks had trouble maintaining their jobs in the league for a long time.

Supt. Sean McKenna is a veteran who has been in contact with Bridge throughout his career. In addition to that, he has been his minor football career coach and knows his family rather well. Their friendship seems to have been essential for Bridge making such an important life decision.

According to McKenna, he and Bridge had been discussing a long-term career in the police. In other words, Bridge is not looking for a part-time job that he would do when he’s not playing football. Instead, he wants to change his work and become a professional police worker completely. McKenna added that the two of them had talked about this for more than three years

Is Bridge Really Out of the CFL?

The source at CFL revealed on Friday that there was no official confirmation from Bridge that he would quit playing football forever. According to them, Bridge would wait for a better opportunity and seize it if it arises in the future.

Bridge has been a free agent since February 11 and has had several discussions with clubs from the CFL. The issue for him was that no club actually sent him an offer, which made him consider switching to policing instead of being a professional athlete. If he had received an offer

from any of the clubs he had talked with, he probably would have put his police career on hold for a while longer. However, it seems that no clubs were interested in his services.

McKenna Has Experience Recruiting Athletes

Bridge will not be the first professional athlete that McKenna recruited for emergency services. According to him, he managed to recruit as many as 15 former football players and offer them jobs. Many former athletes are often suitable for this line of work as emergency services often require people with high self-discipline and composure.

McKenna believes that one gets to see qualities and skills, such as leadership among athletes while they are still teenagers. This often proves to be quite useful in their careers after they retire from professional sports.

Bridge has shown exceptional qualities of working with people and leading them. He is excellent under pressure and can handle adversity, which seems to be a perfect skill for being a policeman, according to McKenna.

Finally, Bridge could also choose to become a football coach, should he change his mind about being a police worker. McKenna believes that Bridge could fit this role well if he decides to do it.

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