Business Participation in the Development of Canadian Football

The 2020 year was a real test for the Canadian Financial League (CFL), which was forced to cancel the season and suffer significant losses. Fortunately, the new season will resume on August 5th. So what is happening over there at the moment?


Now, the main task of CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie and other senior league officials is to attract new investors, including Canada’s casino, and renew lucrative broadcast deals. There is also information that Canada’s casino is one of the sponsors that provide support to CFL. In the meantime, the league’s CEOs are focused on selling tickets and generating revenue from the gate.


TSN sports journalist and football insider Dave Naylor said the 2021 season won’t change the fact that every CFL team is likely to report a loss in 2021. “While all the attention … has been focused on getting back to the pitch this year, the league’s tricky economics for the future is still here, and neither is the conversation with the XFL about collaboration,” Naylor said, citing news earlier. “A more intriguing question: what will 2022 look like? We hope that by then, the pandemic will have subsided, but we do not know if the CFL will be able to return to normal.”


How Do Teams Prepare for The New Season After Break?

Rick LeLacheur, president, and CEO of BC Lions said the goal of the first home game was to attract 5,000 fans – as outlined in the return-to-game safety plan that was sent to the provincial health officer. Also, starting with the 9/11 home game against the Ottawa RedBlacks is not 100% there yet.


Under the province’s four-phase reopening plan, there is no set amount or percentage of bandwidth for how many fans will be admitted to organized gatherings under Step 3, which is scheduled to start no earlier than July 1. The man confirmed that the team would still lose money this season. However, he still believes that contrary to speculation, the CFL franchises that fought for the gate before COVID-19 are not opposed to restarting the game in 2021. The owners are aware of the importance of holding season this year for the league’s survival.


Sports Betting How to Save the CFL

3DownNation managing editor Justin Dunk noted that a Senate bill that will open the door to sports betting in one game in Canada would completely change the financial equation of the CFL. This change, in turn, may determine how important the CFL’s partnership with XFL is.


He said: “It is crucial for the league to get back on the field and gain momentum while discussions with the XFL continue. CFL will have an idea of ​​what this looks like and extrapolate future potential to future seasons. It will affect the XFL negotiations more than anything else. From a CFL perspective, the game helps in terms of leverage.”

What trends can we expect?


  • Increase in the number of sports fans;
  • Contribution to the development of Canadian football;
  • National support of their favorite teams and athletes;
  • The stable position of the industry.


One thing that may be on the CFL’s side is that it will likely be one of the first games to allow for live performances, meeting pent-up consumer demand for spectacular sports.


Final Say!

Based on the above, it is just obvious that businessmen and investors can save the CFL. As one of the most popular sports in this country and abroad, Canadian football will delight its fans again. This is what we are hoping very much for!

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