Canadian football is a team sport

Canadian football is a team sport that started in the great country of Canada. It combines thought-out strategies with high intensity and pace. The goal of the game for a player is to enter the opponent’s goal-field, which is located at the end of the court, with a ball in their hands. The ball must be in their hands; they can’t use their legs, feet, or anything else. An athlete can run with a ball or throw it to another player from their team; this is called a pass.

You can earn points in different ways, for example, when you cross the goal line with the ball in your hands when throwing the ball to a player who is outside of the goal field by blocking the opponent’s attempts at making an attack, as well as hammering the ball into the opponent’s goal. The winner is the team that scores the most points throughout the entire game.

As you can see, this sport is quite similar to American football, but there are some notable differences that differentiate the two games. If you want to find out every single little difference there is to know between Canadian football and American football, then be sure to check out this article here.

The origin of Rugby

Rugby’s history in Canada goes all the way back to the early 60s of the nineteenth century. Rugby was quite a popular sport, and it gradually turned into its own separate thing – Canadian football. Canadian Football League has become the first professional league in this sport. A federation of amateur sports called Football Canada began its work in 1884. In those days, there were only two teams that are still in operation to this day: Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Toronto Argonauts.

The story of Rugby is a little bit more detailed than that, but we’ve decided to make it short for the sake of your convenience. That being said, it should be noted that football, whether you prefer the American or the Canadian version of it, is a very intense game that can attract all sorts of people from different countries, races, cultures, and religion. The same goes for sexes – you should definitely check out a game or two with a person you love. But if you don’t have a partner as of now and want to start things anew, then be sure to check out this article on how to stop obsessing over an ex. Don’t miss out!


The first official Rugby match was held on November 9th, 1861, at the University of Toronto. After that, the eponymous football club was formed here, but by that time, there was still no clear statement of the rules of the game.

In Toronto College, in 1864, two athletes named Cumberland and Bethune clearly defined the rules of this game based on rugby. However, it is assumed that the modern look of Canadian football began its development in 1865 when a rugby match was played in Montreal. Then, the officers of the English army who were stationed in a garrison met with a team of ordinary civilians. The new game gradually began to attract the interest of all sorts of different people, and already, after three years of its “childhood,” the first Canadian football club was founded in Montreal which became the first non-university organization in Canada.

After some time, this sport became popular in other Canadian educational institutions. And in 1874, a Canadian university faced Harvard College in a match. Thanks to this match, the game began to seep its way into America. Over time, in the United States, its rules have changed somewhat, and now it is known as American football.

Because the rules of American football are pretty close to the rules of Canadian football, football teams in both countries maintain a close relationship. Many American players have repeatedly become members of Canadian teams and vice versa. Canadian athletes won prizes and tournaments among American football players.

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