Canadian Football—The growth of online betting & 2 other things we can expect this 2020

We’ve just said goodbye to the rivetting ups and downs of 2019 Canadian football, and now we’re facing the field once again with a clean slate and an optimistic attitude. But what exactly can we look forward to this 2020 in Canadian football? We’re here to deliver 3 predictions on what might transpire in the field (and outside of it) this 2020.

Let’s kick off the decade with the following possibilities and trends this year.

We will be seeing Canadian Football Championship Weekend again

There’s been talks about the CFL and U Sports buddying up once again to excite more fans (and convert a few) into the excitement that is Canadian football. What this means to us is quite straightforward: we’ll have double the fun in the coming Vanier Cup weekend with the Grey Cup being held simultaneously.

In the past years, we’ve had the Vanier Cup play a few days before CFL championship, but it seems like this will not be the case this year. This year, we’ll be able to enjoy a weekend full of merriment and game with these two cups rolled in one weekend.

Right now, there are still certain details to be ironed, but we’re expecting the announcement soon. Once the dates and the location will be finalized, we’ll soon have the Canadian football fantasy that fans have been dreaming of for a long time now.

Is everyone as excited about a national championship on the horizon? Plenty of fans are still quite skeptical, to be honest. However, there are plenty of mutual benefits to be enjoyed by consolidating these major events, and we’re still at the edge of our seats to see what might transpire.

We’ll be seeing the New Era in new uniforms

We’ve just caught a glimpse of the new uniforms launched of CFL teams this year.

In 2019, New Era was appointed as the Canadian football’s official outfitter and equipment provider. This reinstatement has knocked off Adidas from its previous role as the game’s official outfitter.

Rick Baets, the Managing Director of Canada at New Era Cap shares his excitement for this launch–and to be honest, we’re just as excited to see what’s in store for the teams in apparel and equipment.

But that’s not all–all the merchandise will be monopolized by New Era as well. With this new partnership, we’re expecting to see some changes in the look and feel of the game itself. We might just be seeing a revolutionized and trendy new game apparel, and hopefully the uniforms too.

New Era has managed to give their new stocks a test drive during the last quarter of the year, but it seems like it will be re-launching a new set of uniforms for the CFL team again. The design is said to target new fans, and we can’t wait to be swept away with the updates.

We’ll see more online betting sites

As exciting as the first two news pieces may be, nothing stirs our excitement more than in knowing that we can expect more online betting websites to be launched this year.

Following the legalization of single bets in sports wagering, Canadians can now virtually bet on their favorite teams and possibly earn money from it. This new normal has the fans of CFL excited as they dip their foot in CFL online betting. Of course, betting on the games might require you to be privy to the ins and outs of the whole enterprise. Not to mention, you need to follow their training closely for you to be confident in your bets.

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