CB commit wants to bring Vanier Cup to Montréal Carabins

Montréal brings in a local commit to their Class of 2017.

It’s about high time that Jordanson Alexis, a cornerback from Campus Notre-Dame-du-Foy, returns home and what is a better homecoming gift than a chance to play with the University of Montréal Carabins?

If you’re looking for Alexis, he could be found in Québec City, Québec, where he played cégep ball with Le Notre-Dame du CDNF (RSEQ Division 1). It can be difficult to be so far away from home.

“I chose to sign with the University of Montréal because I felt homesick,” Alexis said. “I gained a lot of success and won a championship in Québec City. I would love to do the same in my hometown, to truly bring it home.”

While there are two other U Sports football programs in Montréal, the Carabins particularly caught his eye. “I was also impressed by their program when I lasted visited. They are building something great. I want to be apart of that,” Alexis said.

At the helm of the Carabins’ ship is well-known head coach, Danny Macioca. The man needs to introduction. “What more to say about Macioca?” Alexis asked. “He has completely changed the Carabins, brining (the team) to the doors of the playoffs and truly having a chance at winning the Vanier Cup.”

The potential criminology student’s praise didn’t stop there. He said that the defensive coordinator really got to him, “and easily that is. He made it feel like home.” He added that he cannot wait to work with him and his positon coach, Fabrice.

Courtesy of Jordan Alexis.

Prior to joining Le Notre-Dame, Alexis played with Les Dragons de Laval, Les Cobras de Laval (Québec Bantam Football League) and Les Bulldogs de Laval (Québec Midget Football League). Standing at 6’0, 175lbs, he has played for seven years. In 2013, he was a defensive MVP in the finals. This past season, he won a Bol d’Or with Le Notre-Dame.

Before he joins the ranks of U Sports football players, Alexis has a few people to thank. “Since long before I became an athlete, my mom had taught me to be humble and a hard worker. A new part of my life, and a hard one that is, is about to start. I am thrilled and can’t wait to start,” he said.

He added that, “I would also like to thank my head coach from CDNF, Marc-André Dion, who has given the golden opportunity to prove myself with his team. Without him, I wouldn’t be here now. Thanks to all those who supported me and still do, my mother and my twin specifically.”

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