CÉGEP10 Rankings (2): CNDF holds on to top spot with logjam of parity forming behind them

1. Notre-Dame-de-Foy
After building an early 10-0 lead they had to scrap back to pull out a victory, but the defending champions got it done despite some struggles on offence.

2. André-Grasset Phénix
The Phénix showed off their lethal passing attack with four touchdowns through the air on just 14 completions, which was a clear warning shot from rookie Jonathan Senecal and CFC60 Kevin Mitale.

3. Ch.-Lennoxville Cougars
Everything was working on offence for the Cougars which is a good sign, they’ll just need tweak some parts on run defence and they’ll be fine – although I doubt they’ll face 50 plus carries again any time soon.

4. Vieux Montréal Spartiates
The Spartiates made the case for a jump in the rankings after their narrow loss to CNDF, but for the moment they’ll remain in the fourth slot until they can get the offence rolling as well.

5. Vanier Cheetahs
There were no glaring issues in the Cheetahs game with CFC60 Samuel Emilus leading the way, but the true test comes this week when they take on the Cougars.

6. Limoilou Titans
Can’t complain with a blowout victory to start the season, now the Titans need to harness that momentum going into a big matchup with the Spartiates.

7. Lévis-Lauzon Faucons
The Faucons ran the ball over 50 times in their opening loss, but even then they put up 28 points in a losing effort, and still somehow threw the ball nearly 40 times. Possibly a bit more balance and a stronger backbone on defence can result in a W.

8. Garneau Élans
Garneau had a rough opening with a matchup versus the André-Grasset, but they’ll need to learn from their mistakes quickly with a very winnable game on tap this week.

9. Saint-Jean Géants
Saint-Jean will be on the flipside of that matchup with Garneau, and if they can bring the same defensive attitude along with a renewed vision on offence, they could just as easily earn a bump in the rankings.

10. Montmorency Nomades
There were definitely some positive to take away from a good passing attack and some flashes on defence, but the Nomades will be in the thick of things this week going up against André-Grasset.

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