Central Tech is seeking public’s assistance


It seems that politics is rearing its ugly head in when it comes to the Toronto sporting community.

Central Technical was slated to have a new athletic turf and winter dome built which would be a benefit to over 2000 student-athletes at the school.  While the cost is $6 million dollars, there will be no cost incurred to the Toronto District School Board or the school itself.

However, Toronto councillor Adam Vaughan is looking to quash this plan.  It is suggested he is doing this because he does not get along with Mayor Rob Ford and is thinking about his election campaign, not in the best interests of his community.

At this point, Central Technical is seeking the public’s help to ensure the new athletic turf and winter dome does get built.  To date, a petition that has been circulated has amassed over 1160 signatures; however, they are looking for more support.


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