CFC OFC Game of the Week Preview: “If we execute consistently we will be able to have more success during games”

In Week 4, the Twin Cities Predators of the Ontario Football Conference (OFC) are on the road against Forest City in search of their first win of the season.

After three losses, the Predators are aiming for success against the Forest City Thunderbirds (1-2).

Despite dropping to 0-3, the Predators have talent and leadership on their roster including tailback Mitch Kernick, defensive back William Amoah and receiver Lam Diing who had to leave last week’s game due to an injury.

Speaking of Injuries, they are proving to be a big hindrance for this year’s group in their search for a win.

“It’s hard to tell why but all I know is that we will continue to play with the guys we have and our stars will continue to pick up the slack,” commented Predators Head Coach Kevin Horn.

In spite of difficulties, the Predators pass coverage has been solid and something the team is looking to continue this week against Thunderbirds to make it difficult for the opposing quarterback.

Having won the championship multiple times in the past five years (most recently in 2012), expectations are high for the Predators and they are hungry to prove themselves once again.

Horn stated earlier in the season that although there are not as many experienced players on the team as past years, the team has a lot of skill and enthusiasm. This week he is again emphasizing consistency,

“We make some great plays and then we follow it up with a poor play,” added Horn.   “If we execute consistently we will be able to have more success during games”.

In order to get on the track to the playoffs and the championship a win is needed this week to inspire this young group of players and focus on becoming winning Predators once again.


Coming off a bye week, the re-energized junior varsity Predators are also headed to Forest City hoping for their first win of the season.

After two losses, the junior Preds have used an early bye week to work on all aspects of play, especially communication. In Week 2, they suffered from a few penalties, which they are aiming to avoid in order to play a strong and consistent game this week against the Thunderbirds.

With offensive force Tavian Shand leading their running game and linebacker Jesse Lautenslager inspiring the defense, the Predators are focused on playing a much better game.

Although falling to 0-2 early, improvement has been noticeable and after a break to work on issues that arose in the first couple of weeks, the refreshed Preds need a win to set the pace for the rest of their season. The Predators face off against the inconsistent 1-2 Thunderbirds who will also be looking to get their season back on track with a win against the Twin Cities, in which will be a tough battle.










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