#CFC10 CEGEP (coll. div. 1) PREVIEW [7]: Three games left and slip-ups are costly

Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy #CFC100 DB Christophe Bouchard (Photo credit: PhotoLaVie Photographie|Audrey Dionne)

Will the return of #CFC100 DB Christophe Bouchard help the Notre-Dame defence slow down #CFC100 QB Dimitri Morand and the Géants’ offence? Four teams are fighting not to end at number 8 and miss the playoffs.

Cégep Vieux-Montréal Spartiates (3-3) vs Champlain-Lennoxville Cougars (5-1) The rivalry between these two teams goes back a few years and the Cougars won’t make it easy for the Spartiates, who are in a must win situation. Champlain’s offence has been prolific in the past weeks with their passing game, which could cause some problems for the Vieux-Montréal DB’s #CFC100 Benjamin St-Juste and #CFC100 Jérémie Dominique if the front four can’t pressure Champlain’s young QB’s. The Spartiates running game could disrupt the Cougars, who had some difficulties slowing down opposing RB’s in the previous two games allowing 297 yards in gains. But, the Vieux-Montréal passing game is not at top level and the Cougars running game, guided by #CFC100 OT Patrick Davis, will manage the clock to win at home and remain on top.

Cégep Garneau Élans (2-4) vs Cégep Lévis-Lauzon Faucons (0-6) In 2015, Garneau ended the Faucons’ season in the first round of the playoffs with a surprising win. Lévis-Lauzon could provoke the same feeling by defeating the Élans and placing them at number 8 spot with a 2-5 record, which would most likely eliminate them from the big race. The Élans offence has struggled since the departure of QB Joé Hudon and a few injuries on defence have imposed a must win situation for the last three games. On the other sideline, the Faucons offence is progressing, scoring 27 points against the Cougars last week with the performances of #CFC100 WR Antoine Mailhot and #CFC100 OG Philippe Robitaille, and should provide enough points to win.

Grasset RB #4 Samuel Makwanda
Photo credit: Sonia Pérusse

Cégep Limoilou Titans (3-3) vs Collège André-Grasset Phénix (5-1) Titans end of season schedule is a tough one and they are away for two of the three games left. One of the four teams on the bubble, Limoilou’s offence should be feeling some pressure due to their lack of production in the passing department and facing #CFC100 Philippe Lemieux-Cardinal with the rest of the Phénix defence which is first in the fewest points against category. Also, the André-Grasset offence, third in points for, has been effective all season long with multiple assets including RB Samuel Makwanda who will take advantage of the Titans weakness and conquer this matchup.

Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy QB #7 David Pelletier
Photo credit: Violettepixel

Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Géants (3-3) vs Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy (5-1) Notre-Dame’s defence, anchored with #CFC100 DT Samuel Maranda-Bizeau, is second in points against with 101 and they are facing the highest scoring offence and #CFC100 QB Dimitri Morand. Morand is leading the division with 2341 yards passing and will try to take advantage of Notre-Dame’s weaknesses found by the young Nomades QB two weeks ago, where he compiled 233 yards through the air. Although, #CFC100 DB Christophe Bouchard should be dressed for this confrontation and will greatly help the secondary in trying to slow down the flamboyant Géants machine. The underrated Notre-Dame QB, David Pelletier, who sits at the number two spot in passing yards with 1731 yards and touchdown passes. But he is the most efficient in not turning the ball over with only 3 interceptions in 201 attempts and he should be the difference maker with WR Vincent Forbes-Mombleau catching 6th win this season. Look for a high energy game with lots of points on the board.

Vanier SB #22 Ryth-Jean Giraud and QB #2 Dimitrios Sinodinos
Photo credit: André Provencher

Collège Montmorency Nomades (0-6) vs Vanier College Cheetahs (4-2) The Nomades are traveling to Vanier to face a team that just lost by inches to Saint-Jean and now have a chip on their shoulders. The Cheetahs will be somewhat be challenged by the improving Nomades offence, with QB Benjamin Pelletier, that scored 21 points against the Titans last week. The Vanier secondary, composed of #CFC100 Tyris Lebeau, #CFC100 Zack Fitzgerald and #CFC100 Derek Acheampong, will not be intimidated after coping with the Géants offence in their previous game and should be able to contain Pelletier. The surging Nomades running game that gained 144 yards against Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy, will meet a strong defensive box anchored by #CFC100 B Kean Harelimana that should keep the Nomades winless in seven games. Scoring 50 points last week, the Vanier offence has the potential to blow this one out with the highly skilled SB Ryth-Jean Giraud catching passes from QB Dimitrios Sinodinos, who completed 22 out 36 for 298 yards against Saint-Jean a week ago.


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