#CFC10 CEGEP (coll. Div. 1) RANKINGS [6]: Over 100 points and St-Jean wins it by 1

Garneau drops and could slide all the way out of the big race. Limoilou rises and creates battle between three teams tied with 3-3 records.

Champlain QB #12 Thomas Bolduc (Photograph: Violettepixel)

#1 Champlain-Lennoxville College Cougars (CLC) 5-1 – The Cougars hosted a Faucons team that has water just above the chin and fighting for its survival. Champlain needed to stay focused and disciplined to win this one and stay on top.

CNDF QB #7 David Pelletier (PhotoLaVie Photographie|Audrey Dionne)

#2 Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy Le Notre-Dame (CNDF) 5-1 – A dominating win versus the Spartiates with a 45-9 score, keeping the number 2 spot. Notre-Dame’s balanced offence keeps progressing and their defence is displaying championship potential.

Grasset RB #10 Tristan Toussaint (Photograph: André Provencher)

#3 Collège André-Grasset Phénix (CAG) 5-1 – Another win for André-Grasset. They faced a beat-up Garneau team and they keep fine tuning in all phases of the game. Preparing for the big stretch.

Vanier QB #2 Dimitrios Sinodinos (Photograph: André Provencher)

#4 Vanier College Cheetahs (VC) 4-2 – The Cheetahs were victim of the same treatment they delivered last week to Limoulou, losing at the last minute against St-Jean 50-51 by a single. They stumble down to number 4 and will need to regroup to finish strong.

#5 Cégep de Limoilou Titans (CL) 3-3 – Limoilou gave Montmorency some hope, but they prevailed and move up to number 5.

Géants WR #83 Hugo Dupuis

#6 Cégep de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Géants (CSJR) 3-3 – What an incredible confrontation against Vanier. With the game tied at 50 and only 11 seconds to go, the Géants scored a point to win it. They are tied at number 5 and will most likely make the playoffs.

Vieux-Montréal QB #11 William Roy-Rodriguez

#7 Cégep du Vieux-Montréal Spartiates (CVM) 3-3 – Tied at number 5 with two other teams, the Spartiates offence struggled again this weekend losing to Notre-Dame. They drop to number 7 and face some major challenges in the following weeks.

Garneau WR #13 Jacob Vachon (Photograph: André Provencher)

#8 Cégep Garneau Élans (CG) 2-4 – This loss may send the Élans to the off-season a little early. Playing two of the top four teams in the last three games, they need to win three, may be tough to climb out of that slump.


#9 Cégep Lévis-Lauzon Faucons (CLL) 0-6 – Again, so close but not enough. The Faucons did give it their all, but the Cougars kept scoring.

Montmorency DB #6 Renaldo Bernard

#10 Collège Montmorency Nomades (CML) 0-6 – The offence keeps improving, but the Limoilou running game was difficult to stop and the Nomades have three games left to transform the zero, in their record, into a one.


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