CFC10 Non-public rankings (Preview): Major story lines we’re watching

The CFC10 Non-Public rankings are Canadian high schools that are not public schools and/or who do not play in Canadian public school leagues. The rankings include and consider all conference and non-conference games. Non-public teams who play in Canadian public leagues will be considered in the #CFC50 high school rankings.

All players must be enrolled in the public or private school for it to be considered a school team and eligible for these rankings. Private schools must have a ministry of education identification number to be considered.

All USA scores must be approved by MaxPreps and opponents must be a VARSITY team. Competitions that MaxPreps does not consider games, like scrimmages and showcases, will not be considered. USA team rankings change as the year progresses and this will be considered and updated in these rankings. The rankings are published Tuesday mornings (unless holiday).

Here are some of the major story lines we are watching going into the 2018 season.

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U Sports Offers Page

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