#CFC100 Bailey: “hard work on and off the field has paid off”


#CFC100 ATH Kavantye Bailey started playing football at the peewee level in Calgary for the Broncos and Cyclones. Then he moved to Canada’s largest city, Toronto, in Grade 9 and played for the Birchmount Park Panthers and now he represents the Trinity College Bears. Kavantye also plays for the Toronto Thunder and played on the 2015 Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (formerly known as the OPC) Central team.

Being surrounded by elite players last season was memorable for him.

“My highlight of last season was being on such a great offence and being able to play with a great QB (Josh Bailey) who is nothing less than amazing at the QB position, but was a great athlete in general,” Kavantye says, “and also being able to compete and play with two of the best receivers I’ve met: Mikey Sananes and Jordan Dubuc. Then in my OVFL season in the summer, I got to play with one of the best teams I’ve ever played with in my life, the Toronto Thunder, where I was a part of one of the best receiving corps I’ve ever been a part of.”

According to Kavantye, the recruitment process is “going great so far.”

“I’ve spoken to a good amount of CIS coaches but still am undecided,” he says. He’s trying to keep his options open.

As for the OPC, it has opened doors for Kavantye.

“Playing in the OPC game helped me to meet new great football people and learn from them to better myself as a football player,” Kavantye says. “OPC helped with recruiting because it helped get my name out, letting coaches know who I am.”

There have been influential figures in his life that have helped him reach his full potential.

“The most influential person in my life is my older brother, Anthony,” Kavantye says. “He’s always pushing me and helping me to become a great football player and an even better overall person. My most influential football players would be Randy Moss and Steve Smith. Randy Moss because even though he is given a bad rep by the media, he’s a great football player whose stats speak for themselves. Not only that, he’s one of the major reasons I like football to this day, and Steve Smith because he’s a tough and gritty WR that does everything from catching to route running. Even though he’s undersized, he still was able to dominate the league.”

Staying in peak physical condition is important to Kavantye, and his training regimen reflects that.

“I try to train every day, whether it be in the gym or on the field,” he says. “Plus the three sometimes four days a week I practice while in-season.”

Being ranked in the #CFC100 “means a lot” to him and it shows that his “hard work on and off the field has paid off.” His initial reaction when he found out about the list was positive. “I was really happy to know that I’m ranked alongside some of the best football players in Canada,” Kavantye says.

Despite being recognized as one of the upper echelon talents in the country, he still strives to improve certain aspects of his game.

“I’d like to improve my speed and footwork for this season,” he says. “I’ll do this by continuing to work through my ladder drills and cone drills, helping to build my footwork. And for my speed, I’ll continue to strengthen my legs and my twitch muscle and also just doing simple sprints.”

In the future, Kavantye wants to play football professionally and/or pursue a career in business.


Kavantye Bailey


Kavantye Bailey
Running Back, Wide Receiver
6’0, 195 lbs

Teams: Calgary Broncos, Calgary Cyclones, Birchmount Park Panthers (high school), Trinity College Bears (high school), Toronto Thunder (OVFL)
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Consideration: Open
Class: 2017

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