CFC150 RB Bleiken a load in the backfield

With eyes set on his future career with the Alberta Golden Bears, CFC150 running back Sean Bleiken out of Archbishop Jordan has a long list of contacts he needs to call for helping him along the way. Bleiken has been suiting up for eight years, and says he wouldn’t be the prospect he is today without the proper support system who believed in his abilities from day one,

“All of my coaches have helped me along the way and all have had a different impact on me. From every year of playing football I can think of at least one coach who I have learned lessons from, whether it is on or off the field,” the 6’5”, 250lbs powerback explains.

“My parents have also had a big impact on me, they have helped me out to get me to practice and games. My parents have given me the opportunity to continue to play football and have supported me from the beginning.”

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