#CFC50 games of the week (West/Atlantic) PREVIEW [8]: Playoffs & playoff seeding are underway

We will be previewing the #CFC50 Games of the Week for the West and Atlantic regions. While this will be generally geared towards the #CFC50 ranked teams, we want to hear from you if there are great rivalry games or exciting matchups, regardless of tier or division, that we aren’t aware of. Send us a ‘heads up’ by Tuesday each week and we’ll see what we can do: [email protected].

*Note: Some information was not available at press time. It will be added as it becomes available.

….and now let’s get to it with this week’s #CFC50 Games of the Week PREVIEW


No. 2 Bev Facey Falcons (7-0, 2-0) v. No. 18 Harry Ainlay Titans (7-0, 1-0)
Friday, Oct. 28 @ 7:30, Foote Field (Game preview courtesy: Football Alberta)
It’s been a long time coming for both of these teams. Arguably the top two programs in the Edmonton area at this time, but it has taken eight weeks of regular season play before these two face each other. They are the two remaining undefeated teams at the Tier I level in Alberta and haven’t had anyone come close to defeating them in months. Ainlay’s 31-24 win over LCI on August 26 was the only time anyone has come within a single score of these two powers. Bev Facey’s secret is no mystery as their amazing tailback #CFC100 Chuba Hubbard continues to churn out the yardage and points with 1462 yards and 16 TD’s in 9 games so far this season. Their defense isn’t too shabby either with only three out of their 9 games they’ve played so far showing their opponent reaching double digits. On the other side the Titans are a conservative bunch only averaging 31 points a game on offense with an embarrassment of offensive talent, most notably #CFC100 Tadi Siwira, Jonathan Rosery and Shamaar Booth, and a defense that has only given up double digit scores three times in 8 games. Might be a pre-view to the Northern Tier I Final in four weeks hence. This game is also the Edmonton Div. I Final.

leboldus playoffs

No. 5 Leboldus Golden Suns (6-0, 1-0) v. O’Neil Titans (1-5)
Friday, Oct. 28 @ 5:15pm, Mosaic Stadium  (Semi-finals)
Leboldus has had a good two weeks to get ready for playoffs. They will face the O’Neil Titans this Friday for the start of their playoff run. This will be round 2, as they had a first round bye. The winner of this round will face the winner of the Campbell / Riffel game that is bound to be a doozy. We don’t think that this game will be anything spectacular as the Titans have struggled all season long.

No. 7 St. Paul’s Crusaders (7-0, 0-1) v. Dakota Lancers (1-6)
Thursday, Oct. 27 @ 6:45pm (Quarter-finals)
St. Paul’s finished their season with a perfect record. They were crowned the champions of the AAA Potter division for 2016. Now, as they get ready to start their playoff run on Thursday, they will need to maintain the momentum they created during a dominant regular season run. They will face off against against the Dakota Lancers, who finished with a 1-6 record. The winner of this game will face off against the winner of the Sturgeon / Oak Park game being played on the 28th.

No. 8 Terry Fox Ravens (5-0, 0-2) v. Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers (4-1)
Saturday, Oct. 29 @ 1:30pm, Lord Tweedsmuir
Terry Fox cracked the #CFC50 Top 10 for the first time this season with their pummelling of the Mission Roadrunners last week, 51-7. #CFC100 RB Jeremie Kankolongo continues to lead this team with spectacular play with a little help from their QB Jaden Shanley. We think that they will have to be a bit more focused for this game as Lord Tweedsmuir is not pushover. The Panthers have been working hard all year and it has paid off, they are now 4-1 having beat Centennial 21-7 this past weekend. Realistically, we don’t think the Panthers have a chance to compete with a Ravens team that has been beating opponents by an average of  30 points per game all season, but crazier things have happened.

No. 9 Henry Wise Wood Warriors (4-0, 0-1) v. St. Mary’s (3-2)
Thursday, Oct. 27 @ 6:30pm, Rundle College
After last week’s MIC DROP performance where the Warriors unseated the previous No. 1 St. Francis Browns, will HWW be on the upswing and continue their impressive play against St. Mary’s who is sitting 3rd in the province in Pool B behind Centennial and Wise Wood? All of St. Mary’s wins, however, have come in the first half of their season and have lost 2 in a row this month. Will this be a game where St. Mary’s gets back on track and HWW has a big let down after a signature win or will HWW continue it’s outstanding play and dominate a team that’s been heading in the wrong direction in the last few weeks.

No. 13 St. Francis Browns (3-1, 1-0) v. Crescent Heights (2-3)
Thursday, Oct. 27 @ 6:30pm, Shouldice Athletic Park – Stampeder Field
This would not be a good week to be a member of the Crescent Hts. football team. They will be facing a very grumpy, ornery, St. Francis Browns team who will be looking to get back on track following a devastating defeat to Henry Wise Wood. Although, Crescent Hts. has a 2-3 record, we don’t believe this will be much of a matchup as the Browns will look to get back to their winning ways prior to heading into the playoffs.

No. 16 Vincent Massey Trojans (6-1, 1-0) v. Garden City Fighting Gophers (2-5)
Friday, Oct. 28 @ 4:00pm (Quarter-finals)
The showdown between St. Paul’s and VM is coming up quickly if both teams continue to beat up their opponents. Now entering the first week of playoffs, the Trojans have to get through the Fighting Gophers first. And fight they will, the Gophers, if they want to extend their post-season play a bit longer. However, the first time these two teams played eachother, the score was 55-0 for Vincent Massey at the start of the season. Trojans QB, Andreas Dueck, is only getting better with each game and will only continue to lead this team to victory.

No. 20 New Westminster Hyacks (3-1, 2-1) v. Belmont (1-4)
Friday, Oct. 28 @ 4:30pm, Goudy Turf
The Hyacks aren’t flashy, nor are they headliners, but what they have been doing this season is nothing short of spectacular. Having beat Vancouver College 2 weeks ago, the first time in 15 years, and then unseating the No. 1 ranked in the province, Mt. Douglas, last weekend, whatever they are drinking on the sideline should be shared. New West is in a 3-way tie for first in BC and have moved up the #CFC50 national rankings list to No. 20 this week. That all being said, although Belmont’s record doesn’t speak to it, they have been competitive all season, staying within 20 points of each game (save their first one). With close to 500 yards of offense last week, they were only able to score only 14 points. If they have worked out their turnover issue, they very much have a chance in this game and it could be the upset of the week.

No. 25 Mount Douglas Rams (3-1, 3-0) v. South Delta (2-2)
Saturday, Oct. 29 @ 1:30pm, Mt. Douglas
This is the game to watch for us this weekend. Both teams are coming off of bitter losses; Mt. Doug to the New West Hyacks and South Delta to a last minute, botched 2-point convert that would have resulted in a win against Vancouver College. As it stands, both teams are highly competitive and it’s anyone’s game in this one. The deciding factor is whether or not Mt. Doug’s QB, Gideone Kremler, is playing in this game as he was injured in the JV game prior to the Varsity New West game last week and did not play. South Delta will be looking to get back in the winning circle and they will firing on all cylinders to do that.

No. 26 Centennial Chargers
bye – playoffs

No. 30 L.C.I. Rams (5-0, 2-2)
bye week

No. 32 Centennial Coyotes (5-1) v. MCLA (1-4)
Thursday, Oct. 27 @ 5:00pm, Shouldice Athletic Park – Hellard Field
Centennial is flying high after blanking the Notre Dame Pride, 28-0 this past weekend. The Coyotes have not been getting the love they may deserve and that has fuelled their inner competitive spirit. We are curious to see if the Coyotes QB, Declan O’Flaherty, will continue to produce as he has, to-date, thrown for 7 touchdowns with no interceptions and rushed for 3 touchdowns. We have been told that he is the real deal, but we’ll wait and see. All being said, we don’t think that MCLA will be much of an barrier for Centennial continuing to improve and work out the kinks before they meet the other two monsters of southern Alberta (the Browns and HWW) in the playoffs.

No. 33 Tantramar Regional Titans (7-0) v. Harrison Trimble (2-2)
Saturday, Oct. 29 @ 1:00pm
Tantramar continues to run over their opponents week by week as they beat their toughest competition yet, the Riverview Royal 27-10. We are not sure if the whole team plays or just RB Aidan O’Neal who is all we ever see any stats on. We are pretty sure, though, this week will be no different as they battle it against Harrison Trimble on the Atlantic coast.

No. 34 Notre Dame Jugglers (3-1, 2-1)
bye week – will play Vancouver College Friday Nov. 4

No. 35 Vancouver College Fighting Irish (3-2, 2-1)
bye week – will play Notre Dame Jugglers Friday, Nov. 4

No. 39 Cobequid Ed. Centre Cougars (6-1) v. Dartmouth High Spartans (2-5)
Friday, Oct. 28 @ 8:30pm
CEC is in a 3-way horse race with Citadel and CP Allen for first place in the province with their win over Horton high this past weekend, 49-19. We are pretty sure that this weekend won’t be much of an upset as Dartmouth hasn’t produced all season long. However, as injuries and the grind of the season start to bear down on all teams coming down to their last weekend of regular season play, mental errors and lack of focus can unseat the best of teams.

*We would also like to note that Sir John A (5-1) play’s CPA (6-1) with a win for each team having first round bye playoff implications and locking up first place in their respected divisions. There are two Divisions in the province this year; Nova division and Scotia Division all Tier 1. The 3 way tie for first is in the Nova division, but SJA are in first in the Scotia Division. A player to watch is Sir John A’s running back/LB Adam Bennett who is potentially on his way to back to back Tier 1 MVP awards. He currently has 15 TD’s and 1035 rush yds, and 25 tackles and 2 sacks on defense, with 2 regular season games remaining. Let’s just say he is on the #CFC100 radar.

leboldus playoffs

No. 42 Riffel Royals (4-2) v. Campbell Tartans (4-2)
Friday, Oct. 28 @ 7:30pm, Mosaic Stadium (Semi-finals)
The re-match. Riffel beat Campbell on their first meeting 40-26 where they had almost 400 yards of total offense. While both teams had similar yards in rushing it was the passing game that allowed the Royals to come out on top in that one. Will Campbell have gotten it together to come back and match the Royals on the ground and in the air? If so, this game is going to be a close one, one that Riffel isn’t going to want to lose at. They have worked hard to gain their spot on the #CFC50 and we don’t think they will want to relinquish that effort now, never mind keeping their playoff dreams alive. The next level won’t be easy though as whoever comes out on top will most likely be playing the Leboldus Golden Suns.

No. 43 Holy Cross Crusaders (4-1, 1-0)
bye – playoffs


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