#CFC50 game preview (AB): North vs. South, clash in Alberta

This Saturday September 17th, the #CFC50 No. 3 ranked team, the Bev Facey Falcons will be going toe to toe against the #CFC50 No. 37 ranked Henry Wise Wood Warriors in an exhibition battle at MEGlobal Athletic Park in Lacombe.

Both teams are still finding their feet as the season has just begun, but with this epic battle it seems that they both know logistically where they need to land.

“At this point we need to just get the boys physical and fast.” Head Coach Cody Ehrmann says during the routine Thursday practice before Saturday’s big game. “Facey has had the ability to play a few more games than us and we are just working on polish and executions for this Saturday’s game.”

Knowing that the Falcons regular season has already begun and they currently have 3 games under their belt, isn’t putting a damper on the Warriors with their only one regular season game just being played on Tuesday September 13th  , which they walked away from with a win.

“Offensively, we have to shut down Chuba Hubbard.” Chuba, who currently sits #1 on the #CFC100 list, will be the key challenge for the Warriors strong defensive line. But as Coach Ehrmann  says; “We have some of the strongest defensive line players like Tyrese Best, Brigham ‘Moose’ Wilson, and Devin Derourin”.


Tyrese Best who currently sit on the #CFC100 list himself is quick to add his thoughts for Saturday’s upcoming match. “This game on Saturday is about our team. ‘Moose’ is one of my boys and we are ready.”

All dressed in his practice gear itching to get back into the grind of practice. ‘Moose’ Wilson known for his quick defensive end tackles and his ability to intuitively read the plays will likely put him in the on the Facey watch list. A young defensive back with an offer already been given by the University of Calgary.  And also Devin Derourin mentioned by Coach Ehrmann has been one of the top Linebackers in the province and has established himself nationally being a MVP for the Canada Cup twice in one season.


But this just sets up one half of this game.

With the Bev Facey Falcons, they are no team to take lightly as having #CFC100 Chuba Hubbard who will likely be a major factor for the Falcons offensively. And with Hubbard, he is has made his mark on the previously played games. But he isn’t alone in this remarkable team as there are many other players to who contribute to the team’s success. TJ Ubell-Shopa DT, Brett Hague LT, Joshn Irons DL to just add more key players to the list.

As for the team as a whole, the outlook is positive, “There are many of the boys that are fitting into new positions and there are a few new starts. We also have new quarterbacks that are finding their confidence on the field but all the team is focused on the games ahead.” Says Head Coach Martin

As of this week Coach Martins Falcons are have some of the best practices ‘flawless’ would be the word that was used to describe it and with the team being all healthy this will just make them  all geared up and ready to go. The special team is in a good place and both D-Lines and O-Lines are clearly focused on this game on Saturday and for the weeks ahead.


The Falcons have opened their regular season with 3 spectacular wins and are eagerly anticipating this upcoming game against the Warriors. The key to a successful Falcons play will be, “Stopping all of the D-line. They (Warriors) have some of the strongest defensive players in the country. Which makes the Warriors defense unbelievable.” Coach Martin relays.

“I am confident in our teams as they are evenly matched. We just need to play and give an explosive shutdown, almost treat it as a ‘mini championship’”. Coach Martin explains. This strategy is one that he has implemented for his guys and it will all be visible with the Falcons out on the field.

Having both these teams meet up will provide some amazing afternoon football. And with the weather looking promising, both teams should be in fine form. The Warriors and their amazing defensive push, and the Falcons with their offensive explosion will make this game one to watch.

Let’s see who’ll come out on top, but we, here at CFC, think it’s safe to say that Bev Facey is going to add another ‘W’.


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