CFCFPC Game RECAP (Freshman): Team East controls the game from start to finish

CFCFPC 2017 West Coast, Freshman Game 1

In the most lopsided game of the CFCPFC 2017 West Coast, the freshman team from the east ran away from the West, 31-6.

This game was controlled by the east from opening kickoff to the final whistle by game MVP,  QB Zach Smith who had the good fortune of playing the whole game because the east roster lost their other quarterback the day before the game.

Smith took full advantage of all his reps and featured two of his high school teammates; East offensive MVP Caden Danbrooke who had several long catches to go along with two receiving touchdowns, and Ethan Mitchel who had several long receptions to go along with a 45+ yd touchdown reception.

The eastern defence was led back defensive MVP, Jack Laurin, who had close to double digit tackles and was  force from the outside linebacker position. Another player on defense who had a great game was Kai Thomas who excelled in the defensive backfield showcasing some outstanding cover skills and an ability to create pass break-ups.

For the Team West, offensive MVP, Joseph Lucas, made several impressive catches, but the west was unable to sustain any drives and and their lone touchdown was scored by Salrap-Kopiy Ka just before the half.

The west defense was on the field most of the game. Once they made some adjustments, the west’s defensive unit made several big plays, however, they were unable to contain an eastern offense that featured several teammates from Vernon that made the difference.

Defensive MVP, Caleb Hoey, had 6 quarterback sacks and several tackles for loss. Another outstanding performance on defense was from linebacker Peter Primeau who made several big plays against the run, but was also solid in pass coverage as he pulled in 1 interception.


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