CFCFPC Ottawa (Grade 8s): Top performers and honourable mentions

The grade eights put on a show for the crowd. There were big hits, great rushes and even better throws. While one game had high offensive output, the other was a defensive clinic. In the end, there were some players that really shined.

Top Performers – Team Central vs Team Halton-Peel

When asked about his top performers, Chivase Bryan, the head coach of Team Central, was content with the players chosen as the game’s MVPs. He said that defensive end Christopher Dixon (#86), the overall MVP, and running back Mason Watson (#2), the offensive MVP, “were great.”

Dixon had a sack, an assisted sack, a touchdown off of a fumble recovery and he flattened two players on the same play. Watson scored three touchdowns, the first one being a 30-yard rush.

On the offensive side of the ball for Team Halton-Peel, the team sputtered a bit. Head coach Raad Raad said that just as their quarterback Evan Johnson was getting into the groove, he went down. Then, “Christopher Johnson (#10) stepped in, who had gone out of the game because he wasn’t throwing the ball well, he just started throwing the ball well.”

Raad liked what he saw from receiver Jordan Kastelic (#64). He said, “He had a great individual effort both in catching the ball, which I thought he had the touchdown but he was a couple yards short, and he had some great blocks.”

On the defensive end, Raad admitted that his linebacker core and defensive line came together a little late. “But, they did come together at the end and that’s, I think we have to take pride in that,” he said.

Honourable Mentions

For Team Central, quarterback Kayrus Sam (#8) had a 50-yard touchdown. Quarterback Owen Webb (#12) threw two touchdown passes, the first was 30-yards and the second was 20-yards. Running back Ethan Sutton (#10) made a great tackle for a loss in the game while linebacker Giancarle Muto (#25) had an interception on the 10-yard line. Defensive lineman Darcy Alexander Helm (#57) also registered a sack.

On Team Halton-Peel, Masun Gallimore (#13) caught the ball and made a nice 25-yard run. Robbie Keyes-Wilson (#9) had a 35-yard catch in the fourth quarter. Defensive lineman Martin Mezak (#66) recovered a fumbled ball and Owen Franco (#99) scored a touchdown. Lee Barrette said that the defensive MVP, defensive back Aaron Frank Grandinetti (#28) was a solid tackler who had both a great pursuit and great angles while being able to shed blocks.

Top Performers – Team East vs Team West

The final game of the weekend came down to the wire with Team East winning on a late touchdown. Ron Raymond, the head coach of Team East, said that, “We had a lot of them (top performers). With a score of 12-6, it is a defensive battle, right? So, I thought all our kids played well.”

For Team West, Chris Kent noted several top performers: “Ethan Eveleigh¸ #20 who is a fantastic running back. Aiden Crocker (#88) didn’t get to show his stuff, but he is a very good receiver.”

There was one player in particular that made Kent very excited. “That kid from Sault Saint Marie, #43, (Michael Nicoletta), I wanted him to move to Cambridge because I wanted him as a player. He is that good,” he said.

Zack Latincic (#63), our big guy, all our o-line played both ways. They were exceptional, and both our quarterbacks were very very good,” Kent added.

Honourable Mentions

On Team East, running backs Antonio Corsi (#31) and Keegan Bertrand (#33), the offensive MVP, had touchdowns. Defensive back Cameron Gearey (#8) and linebacker Cameron Barrett (#52) both had interceptions. Barrett’s would come late in the fourth to seal the win for Team East. Defensive lineman Garrett Bernard (#74) had a sack while receiver Ryan Stephens (#3) made a nice 20-yard catch.

For Team West, Michael Nicoletta (#43) and linebacker Andrew Conte (#50) had sacks. Tyler Putzu, the overall MVP, made a wonderful catch that was thrown from centre field to East’s 25-yard line. He also scored a 20-yard rushing touchdown. Late in the third quarter, receiver Jenson Button (#81) hauled in a pass on East’s 14-yard line that was launched from East’s 36-yard line.

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