CFCFPC Ottawa (RECAP): QBFL All-Stars overwhelm East (Soph) late on road to victory

QBFL All-stars – #CFCFPC 2017

Seemingly mimicking the weather, The QBFL All-Stars rolled into MNP Park like a storm, overwhelming the hometown Team East Sophomores in the fourth quarter with a final score of 27-0 to take the win in the first game of the Ottawa Fox 40 Prospect Challenge.

It was a slow start for both teams with the first quarter ending in a single rouge point for the QBFL All-Stars after the team’s field goal attempt was sunk wide.

“We started it slow. We didn’t have much practice before. We didn’t even practice special (teams). So, we started it slow. We had a couple of brain cramps,” Stephane Nadon, the head coach of the QBFL All-Stars, said. “But, we got back in the game and they’re great athletes here.”

The second quarter continued its low-scoring ways. The QBFL All-Stars ended the half up 4-0 after Antonio Neacsu put the ball through the uprights on field goal attempt. In the early part of the third, defensive back Fidel Hounkponou secured another two points for Quebec on a safety.

When the fourth quarter hit, that’s when the rumbling turned into a thunderstorm. The QBFL All-Stars wasted little time getting a major on the board. With 13:33 left in the game, running back Sunny Letourneau had a monstrous run into the end zone to extend Quebec’s lead to 13-0.

Quebec didn’t stop there. Just when it seemed that Team East was building up some momentum, defensive back Mykal Smith picked off an errant pass, giving Quebec the ball at midfield. Quebec’s offense quickly went to work. With 6:36 remaining, receiver Jason Owoki hauled in the touchdown pass to make it 20-0 Quebec. Four minutes later, he was in the end zone again on a run play for his second touchdown of the game. His score would prove to be the final one of the game with Quebec taking it 27-0.

“We were handcuffed from the get-go. So, the team from last week to this week was completely different,” Brock Flemming, the head coach of Team East, said. “We asked a lot out of them. They gave us everything they had. We were kind of behind the eight-ball from the get-go.”

Flemming explained that the team was dealing with injuries, sickness and last minute cancellations. “So, we had guys fill in holes as much as we could, patch it,” he said.

Despite a fourth quarter breakdown, Team East fended off the QBFL All-Stars’ advances all game. “I thought our defense played very well overall. Our front seven were great. We didn’t have any spares for them today, so they were gassed by the end. But, they all came to play,” Flemming said.

“It’s a learning experience. We will move on and hopefully have a chance next year to play the Quebec team,” he added.

Nadon was not short of praise for his team, and his opposition. “We thought we played against a good team here today and we’re glad that we came out on top,” he said. “We practice all year for those types of games. It’s not easy games. We want to play against good teams like we did today. I’m very proud of my team.”

With Quebec emerging victorious, the team has earned their two-week break. What’s next for this all-star team? Nadon said that they are preparing for their big tournament in Montreal in July, the Spaulding Cup.

“I am sad that this year Ontario is not in the Spaulding Cup,” Nadon added. “They were there the past (few) years. But, it’s okay. We’re ready to play against anybody.”

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