#CFCHSFB (ONT – Waterloo): Panthers’ Brubacher overcomes physical demands of playing RB

Jordan Brubacher feels comfortable when he’s on the gridiron. He has been playing the sport for a large portion of his life and has no plans on slowing down anytime soon.

“I’ve been playing for eight years,” said Brubacher. “I started playing for the Cambridge Lions when I was around seven years old and have continued from then on.”

He is currently in grade 10 and plays for the junior boys Preston Panthers.

Brubacher mainly plays running back, but has played other positions as well.

“I have played a few different positions like slotback, wide receiver and defensive end, but the main position I always play is running back because it is the position I feel most comfortable with and have the most knowledge of,” commented Brubacher.

Running backs’ bodies tend to wear down pretty fast, but fortunately for Brubacher he hasn’t experienced any deterioration yet.

“It’s a physically demanding position, but I haven’t noticed anything serious as a result of playing running back,” stated Brubacher. “Probably because I make sure I’m well hydrated and stretched out before each game.”

He enjoys the freedom of playing running back and when the team works together.

“The best part is that there is a little more freedom on what you can do at the running back position, it’s not the same repetition every play,” said Brubacher “It’s also great when the offence is able to work together to make a play work and get the touchdown.”

Brubacher has worked extremely hard to reach the level he’s currently playing at.
“I have signed up for football camps and done strength training in the off-season,” commented Brubacher. “I work on perfecting skills that my coaches teach me and I have played spring and fall seasons since I started playing, which has given me lots of opportunity to develop and enhance my skills.”

During high school, he has managed to keep his life organized despite having to juggle school, football and volunteering.

“The only problem I’ve had is making sure I keep my grades up while still attending all practices, games and volunteering,” stated Brubacher. “But I’ve been able to manage the load by making sure I study for tests and do my homework every night.”

The Panthers’ coaches have helped Brubacher grow as a player.

“The Panthers’ coaches have shown me some new things and helped me work on perfecting my skills that I learned from my coaches with the Lions,” said Brubacher. “Their motivation and patience with every player, and giving feedback if they notice anything wrong makes it much easier to learn how to use the skills they teach us in practice in games.”

He plans on continuing to play high school football for the Panthers and the Cambridge Lions of the OVFL. Once high school is over, Brubacher hopes to play college or university ball.

*(IMPORTANT: Make sure to include “Photo Credit: Sandy Warner” below the photo. Also, the photo of Jordan is from a Cambridge Lions game. Some photos of Jordan were emailed to me, but none of them were Preston Panthers photos.)

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