#CFCOPC: FB Mayhew gunning for another championship (VIDEO)

Falcons standout eyeing CWUAA, CEGEP considerations.

Philemon Wright Falcons fullback Mathew training to improve his speed and general fitness before next season.

Doug Mayhew

Fullback, Linebacker

6’0, 215 lbs

Philemon Wright Falcons (high school: NCSSAA)


Official Visits:

British Columbia, Open



Doug Mayhew first started playing football in Grade 8 with the Hadley Hawks, after the team’s head coach suggested he play.

Ever since then, he has loved the game and is now on his fourth year.

After one season with the Hawks, he moved on to play in the National Capital Secondary Schools Athletic Association (NCSSAA) with the Philemon Wright Falcons.

He has spent two years as a Falcon and will be entering his third season this fall.

“My highlight of last season has to be my few breakaways I had from inside runs that created large gains of yards,” said Doug, “in our championship game I broke one for 45 yards and took it to the house.”

Moreover, Doug has participated in the 2015 and 2016 Ontario Prospect Challenge, and he played for Team Outaouais in the Spalding Cup last summer.

The fullback/linebacker is graduating this year and is currently uncertain whether he will be attending CEGEP or heading to Ontario for Grade 12.

The Falcon has considered CEGEPs such as John Abbott College and Campus Notre Dame de Foy. He has visited John Abbott College and plans to visit a couple more in the future.

For university he has been considering the University of British Columbia and plans to visit soon, as well as any other schools that decide to take an interest.

Doug wants to get himself out there as much as he can, and with honest work.

“[The] recruitment process for me so far has been nice,” explained the Falcon. “Having schools take interest in you is something special and I’m happy to know hard work pays off.”

As of right now, he has looked deeply into police technologies, criminology and social sciences for career paths because he feels like they are courses that he would be able to enjoy and succeed in.


Doug has a personal gym at home where he works on fundamentals, weight training and cardio every day, and goes to Human 2.0 to train about once a week if he has the chance to squeeze it in around working.

Human 2.0 is perfect for what he needs to improve on his speed and general fitness, as well as working on these aspects of his game at home in spare time.

“I want this upcoming season to defy everything I’ve been working towards up to date, and to be the best player and leader I can be, and help bring my team to a third straight championship,” added the Falcon.

Doug is a very humble, easy to coach player who always sees room for improvement and listens to what is said.

“If a coach says he wants something done a certain way, I do it without hesitation,” said Doug.

When it comes to his life influences, his parents take centre stage.

“Without their hours of driving, blood sweat and tears into making me the man I am today,” explained the fullback, “the effort they’ve made to push me to my limits and read my goals, not only as a person, but also as a player…”

“… I’m blessed to have parents like them who are still pushing me to do my best.”

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