#CFCOPC: OL Currell wants to be more explosive (VIDEO)

A couple of OUA schools catches Spears standout’s eye early on

Niagara Spears offensive lineman Brad Currell has set his sights on achieving some major training goals.

Brad Currell

Offensive Line (Guard/Tackle/Centre)

6’3, 300 lbs

Niagara Generals
Niagara Spears (OVFL)
Saint Michael Mustangs (high school)


Official Visits:

Guelph, Western, Open


Back in 2013, Brad Currell started playing football in Grade 7 for the Niagara Generals. He played offensive guard and defensive tackle. After that, Brad moved on to play his second year of football with the Niagara Spears and won an MVP in the OVFL in 2014. He has been attending Saint Michael Catholic High School and played football in Grade 9 and 10. Brad won Lineman of the Year in Grade 10 (2015-2016) and Lineman of the Year and MVP in the OVFL playing for the Niagara Spears (2016).

Last season was special for Brad as his team, the Niagara Spears, made it to the finals.

“Being surrounded by guys with heart and passion for the game,” he says. “Knowing that they will always be there for you to lean on. It was very hot and a hard defeat to take in. I saw a true family come together and give it their all and leave it all on the field, it was truly amazing.”

The recruitment process has been positive for him so far.

“I have received great feedback from coaches, including Guelph University and Western University,” Brad says.

There is one coach who has made a significant impact on Brad’s life.

“Steve Patrick is by far the best man you will ever meet,” he says. “He is always there for you and teaches you how to be a man. He’s been my coach for three years now and I’ve absorbed all he has taught me. He’s taught me what being an offensive lineman is all about. Couldn’t ask for a better coach and mentor.”

As far as training goes, he was part of an after-school workout program that took place at Saint Michael Catholic during the off-season to increase strength and speed.

OPC was a fun experience for Brad and a good way to compare and play against other elite athletes. It was also beneficial from a recruiting perspective.

“OPC certainly gets your name out there to universities and shows scouts what you’re capable of against the top players,” Brad says.

He wants to improve his speed for next season so that he can come off the line with more explosiveness and hand strength.

Brad knows what he wants to major in when he goes to university.

“I would like to take kinesiology as my undergrad and continue to attend school, working toward chiropractic or sports therapy,” he says.

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