#CFCOPC PLAYERS TO WATCH: Team Central Varsity DE Durodola an intimidating player

The countdown begins to CanadaFootballChat.com’s Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) on the April 29th weekend at Tim Horton’s Field in Hamilton. In the days leading up to the OPC, CFC will preview the teams and the players participating in the big event.

When Yusuf Durodola of Team Central Varsity steps out onto the field during this Ontario Prospect Challenge, he wants to make sure his opponent remembers not only his name, but his hard-hitting, physical play.

“I wanted to play in the OPC because I saw a lot of my friends participating in the event,” Durodola said. “Also it seemed like a great and fun experience. I wanted to learn more from coaches and expand my football IQ.”

For Durodola, who stands at 6’2, 227 pounds, the highlight of the event thus far has been the OUA Top Prospect Combine.

The defensive end has played for the Downsview Secondary School Mustangs (Ontario Federation of School Athletics Associations) and the Metro Toronto Wildcats (Ontario Varsity Football League). He said he enjoys his current position because he gets to go after the quarterback.

When it comes to his inspirations, Durodola looks towards Russ Hoff, his school coach and teacher, and his father. “They both taught me that it takes hard work and dedication to get where you want to be,” he said. “I thank those two [for] being great inspirations in my life.”

While the OPC is taking place at Tim Hortons Field, the home of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Durodola said he is going to treat it like any other field he plays on. As for when the game begins, he said “The way I deal with pressure is treating it like practice. That’s why I go 100% in practice and scrimmages.”

He added that, “Play how you practice and also play with a short term memory. Those are two things Russ Hoff taught me.”

Durodola is to graduate in 2017. He said his top four universities are York, University of Toronto, Guelph and Sir Wilfrid Laurier University.

“I remember from when I was a kid until now being told, ‘The grind does not stop. Keep focusing on school. Education is key’,” he said. “My major personal goal is to get a Masters degree in kinesiology.”

As a football player, Durodola said his goals are to be a leader on and off the field. “Whenever a coach needs me to do, I’ll put 110% every time and also produce numbers, rack up the sacks and tackle for losses,” he said.

During the OPC, Durodola wants to be a big factor in the game. He wants to get both sacks and tackles for losses of yards. “Lastly, being a leader and working as a defensive unit to let the other team know we are here to take the W,” he added.

“Our team goal is to be a hard hitting defense, make opposing teams scared,” Durodola said. “We will send a message from the first snap to the very last.”

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