#CFCOPC: QB Rasile looking to get his team the W

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Nicholas started playing flag football at the age of seven, and has not stopped since that day.

Currently, the quarterback is in his second full year of tackle with the Ontario Varsity Football League’s (OVFL) Burlington Stampeders. He also competed with the Halton-Peel Minor team in last year’s Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC).

Aside from team play, Nicholas participates in camps throughout the year, as well as QB Canada and Super Elite. He does a lot of individual quarterback work with his coaches in Burlington, the Finches and Larry Jusdanis.


For this year’s OPC, the Stampeder just wants to play a great game. “My goal is to help my team get the W,” said Nicholas.

Nicholas watches football videos and games at any chance he gets. In the offseason, along with participating in camps, he plays basketball, which he also loves.

“Through the winter I’ll be throwing at least 2-3 times a week indoors,” added the quarterback. “If the weather is good, I’ll get outside.”

“As long as the fields are clear I’ll throw with my dad and teammates, no matter how cold.”

Moreover, last year Nicholas was doing fitness and strength work twice a week at Sport Specific Training, and will be doing it again this upcoming winter. The Stampeder is really focused on improving his footwork by doing ladder drills and cone work in his basement, as well and skipping rope all through the winter.

In the future, he hopes top attend one of his dream schools, Stanford or Oregon.

On the field, his role model is Peyton Manning because he is always studying the game to get better, and Nicholas says getting the chance to work with Manning’s old college offensive coach in the offseason was awesome.

“No one worked harder than Peyton or was more focused on game day,” commented the quarterback. “Even if his team was down big, he never had his head down, (he) stayed positive and made his teammates believe they could win.”

“He was a great leader.”

The Stampeder loves football because he loves the contact. “Nothing makes me happier than the perfect pass into a small window,” added Nicholas.

Nicholas Rasile
Height/Weight: 5’3”, 140lbs
Team: Burlington Stampeders (OVFL)
Class: 2023



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