#CFCOPC: Second Rourke Alabama bound

Standout tries to better recruitment options.

Quarterback Kurtis Rourke following in his brother’s footsteps this fall.

Kurtis Rourke


5’10, 140 lbs

Burlington Stampeders (OFC)
Holy Trinity Secondary School (high school: HSSAA)


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Kurtis is moving to Alabama after stints with both the junior varsity Burlington Stampeders of the Ontario Football Conference (OFC) and Holy Trinity Titans of the Halton Secondary School Athletic Association (HSSAA),

Starting with flag football, Kurtis started to play tackle with the Stampeders and when he was six years of age. After playing his first season as a wide receiver, Kurtis switched to quarterback and has been starting quarterback ever since.

Kurtis recently completed his seventh season with Stampeders and his first with the Titans. In September. the quarterback is following in his brother Nathan’s footsteps, transferring to Edgewood Academy in Alabama.

Kurtis hopes this will give him the opportunity to play against tougher competition and get more exposure from NCAA programs going forward.

“I look to graduate Edgewood high school in 2018,” explains Kurtis. “Hopefully I will be able to play division 1 in the NCAA,” adds Kurtis.

In order to reach his NCAA goal, Kurtis knows that he will have to train hard, something that his personal trainer helps him with.

“I have a personal trainer that helps me with workouts, health, and muscle building diets,” Kurtis explains.  “I would definitely like to get stronger and gain some muscle weight.”

“I am also trying to improve my speed because I believe having quick feet would help.”

Overall, Kurtis loves playing the sport.

“Football is such a great sport and it’s one of those things that when I play, I totally forget everything else that is going on and I only focus on football,” says Kurtis.

Additionally, Kurtis gets extra motivation from his family.

“The most influential people in my life are my family for sure,” Kurtis says. “They support me throughout everything I do.”

“My parents are always at practice, games, and meetings which means so much to me because I know that they are giving something up to watch me play.”

His brother Nathan also inspires him. In fact, Kurtis has followed in Nathan’s footsteps by being a quarterback and transferring to Edgewood Academy alongside his brother..

“Ever since I was little I have followed my brother,” Nathan explains. “He actually got me to play football.”

“He is so influential to me because wherever I am, he will always be there to support me.”


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