#CFCOPC WR Iloki prefers to lead by example

#CFCOPC Hono Iloki




6’2” 181 lbs


Nepean Eagles (NCAFA)

Myers Riders (OVFL)


5 MVPs

Rookie of the Year

3 finals MVPs

4 OVFL championships








When #CFCOPC Hono Iloki’s cleats touch the gridiron, nothing else matters. For the duration of the game, the only thing that is on his mind is helping his team achieve victory.

From the time he was a child, Iloki says he knew he loved the game. At the age of 11, he finally got the chance to play. He shares his love of the game with his brother who currently plays for the Carleton Ravens.

“He’s the reason I started playing,” he said. “We play the same position, but I feel we play it very differently.”

Off the field, Iloki describes himself as “funny and chill,” but when it is game time, he is 100 percent committed to the game. As one of the captains of the team this past season, Iloki said he tries to lead by example.

“I don’t lead by talking loud or telling everyone what to do. It’s mostly because I don’t ever let my team think the game is over. I always try to bring calm to the situation and I also try to lead by my play on the field,” he said of his leadership qualities. “I don’t really get too high or too low during the game. I like to stay calm and just play.”


While many players get nervous before big games, Iloki says he remains calm and that is able to help him calm his teammates’ nerves.

“I play my best during big games,” he said. “I never feel pressure of scared against big teams and that helps me calm down my players.”

This level-headed approach could be what has gotten him noticed by universities such as McMaster, the University of Ottawa, Carleton, York, Saint Francis Xavier, the University of British Columbia, and Western.

While he doesn’t have to think about universities for a few more years, Iloki says he is still appreciative of being noticed by scouts.

“The recruitment process is a fun thing. It makes me happy that my play on the field gets noticed by universities and prep schools,” he said. “I’ve gotten advice from my brother Phil who had been through the process two years ago, but I’ve still got two years to think about all that.”

In order to make sure he is playing at the top of his game, Iloki says that he plans to work on his training to make sure that he is able to beat his opponents. He says that he would like to improve his speed and strength by working more in the off season.

Iloki is no stranger to working hard to achieve his goals or to be there for his team. Last season during playoffs, he had to play with an injury that affected the one of the best parts of his game.

“[It] was the two last playoff games in which I was playing with a really bad ankle, and it was really the first time that I’ve had to battle through an injury, especially since my speed is a big part of my game,” he said. “I fought through it and won the game MVP.”

While he is uncertain of where he will be playing after he graduates, Iloki will bring his level-headed approach and skill to any field.


Photo credit: Ebony Goodridge

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