#CFCOPC16 (Freshmen – East vs Halton Peel): Asselin, Victome and Moore named MVPs

HAMILTON – On Saturday, Team East squared off against Team Halton-Peel (freshman) at the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC). Team East ran away with the game early on and by the end, Jake Asselin of Team East, Kevin Victome of Team East and Donovan Moore of Team Halton-Peel were the winners of the MVP Awards.

Asselin, who could be found in #28 white, won the Overall MVP award for his dominating performance as a running back.

“It feels good here. When I started this game, I was looking forward to winning the game MVP and that’s pretty much it,” he said. “I scored four touchdowns, so I mean that was pretty good there and I wasn’t expecting to be scoring all that.”

“Asselin was a spark for us today. He has always been like that during practices and he showed today that he really deserves to be the number one running back on the team,” said Sebastian Tetreault, Head Coach of Team East.

“I think whether he was catching the ball in the backfield or running the ball, he always provide yards for us so I think it was a good choice,” he added.

Kevin Victome (#11) with Peter Wilson (left) and Sebastian Tetreault (right).

Kevin Victome (#11) with Peter Wilson (left) and Sebastian Tetreault (right).

Receiver Victomé (#11) was named Offensive Player of the Game and while he was surprised at first, he soon realized it was well deserved.

“It felt really good. I thought back at everything I did and I realized how much I did. Offense MVP, it’s surprising to me because there’re so many good players on our team and I’m just happy to have won it,” he said.

“I just feel like I earned it, but it’s sort of the other players so it’s mostly a team Offensive MVP. You can see the scoreboard, I feel like we all won it together,” he added.

“Highlight of the game is a harder one,” he said when asked. “I think, it was the power turn when I almost broke it to the end zone. Power turn is one of my favourite things about the whole game. I love how it’s just you and I feel like I was really close to that one, but I didn’t get it. But it was my favourite part of the game.”

Peter Wilson, Head Coach of Team Halton-Peel, said that “He [Kevin Victomé] did a great job on the field and he deserved it. He more than deserved it. He was good.”

It is often difficult to narrow down an MVP selection to one player, but Tetreault said, “Kevin Victomé got the offense because of the special teams work that he did.”

Donovan Moore (#66) with Peter Wilson (left) and Sebastian Tetreault (right).

Donovan Moore (#66) with Peter Wilson (left) and Sebastian Tetreault (right).

While it was a difficult game for Team Halton-Peel, Moore was happy to have won the Defensive Player of the Game Award.

“I wasn’t really expecting it, so it was nice to know that my team liked me and that my team needed me. That’s good to know,” he said.

“The highlight of the game was the speech given in the end zone at halftime. It sparked something and our second half looked a lot better than our first, even if the scoreboard doesn’t show it, you could tell everyone had a bit more drive in them,” Moore added.

“I’m glad they picked Donovan [Moore] today,” Wilson said. “He deserved it. He really did a good job and it’s hard to pick defense, but I think they got the right guy.”

Tetreault also felt that picking the young lineman as the Defensive Player of the Game was a right choice.

“I think Donovan Moore was all over the field. Obviously when he score a lot of points, there is always going to be a few guys on the other team that’s going to still get out and show that they’re supporting their team,” he said.

“I think he was a good player for Team Halton-Peel. Whenever we had trouble to move the ball, he was around the ball so kudos to him,” he added.

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