#CFCOPC16 (Sophomore – West vs Central): Smith, Simmonds and Alli named MVPs

HAMILTON – On Saturday, Team Central faced off against Team West in a sophomore battle at the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC). With a dominating performance by Team Central, it was an all Central MVP selection with Kiondre Smith, Adre Simmonds and Aidan Alli owning the podium.

Smith, who wore #12, was given Game MVP Award for his play at receiver.

“I’m truly honoured. I’m glad we all came out and played a great game. Great job to both teams and in the end, Central won,” he said. “Highlight of the game was either the diving catch or the catch over the DB’s head.”

Len Gurr, Head Coach of Team Central, was impressed with the way Smith played.

“Again, time after time in the past, especially in the second quarter when the game was still in the balance, he [Smith] had some big plays that swung it our way and we didn’t look back,” he said.

Larry Bone, Head Coach of Team West, realized just how much of an impact Smith had on the game.

“Their receiver [Smith] killed us. Number 12 was deadly. He made great catches,” he said. “Smith bounced back from a huge hit, turned back and made a huge catch at the end of the half. It kind of took our momentum away when I thought we got back in the game.”

“He was the best player on the field by far. He showed it today. We know who he is. We see him all around. Everyone knows. It was a good game,”

Adre Simmonds (#3) with Larry Bone (left) and Len Gurr (right).

Adre Simmonds (#3) with Larry Bone (left) and Len Gurr (right).

Simmonds (#3) also made his presence known, having been awarded the Offensive Player of the Game Award.

“It was good. Our team played good. We just tired out best out there,” he said. “Highlight of the game was probably my first touchdown on the fly. It was pretty good. It was exciting to get my first touchdown of the game.”

Gurr said that, “I thought Andre Simmonds and Kiondre Smith were incredible. Both those kids are phenomenal athletes. They both are just a big play waiting to happen. You saw time and time again key moments in the game where they were game changers.”

Adian Alli (#26) with Larry Bone (left) and Len Gurr (right).

Adian Alli (#26) with Larry Bone (left) and Len Gurr (right).

Alli could be seen flying around the field as #26 and in the end, the defensive back was awarded Defensive Player of the Game honours for his strong play.

“Aidan Alli was around the ball, made that huge interception for us. Great vision as a safety and great range on the field. He was a difference maker as well,” Gurr said of the star performer.

Bone also noticed Alli’s dominating play. “He broke up a lot of plays. He was there. He played very, very well for them,” he said.

The final score was 48-35 Team Central in a close matchup.

Bone said, “It was a great game. From a standpoint, how could you ask for more? A lot of points, a lot of scoring. Very fast action, very well played.”

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