CJFL Offensive Players of the Week: Fox, Lake & Beney

The Canadian Junior Football Conference (CJFL) is pleased to announce the Players of the Week:

PFC – Week 3

Running Back #5 Cameron Fox – Calgary Colts
The Calgary Colts offense this past Labour Day weekend was led by the PFC Offensive Player of the Week, running back Cameron Fox.  He would rush 29 times for 310 yards against the Edmonton Huskies, including rattling off a 60 yard dash.  His yardage is the fifth most in PFC history and fell two yards short of cracking the CJFL’s Top 10 for a single game.  Fox was the lone offensive Colts weapon and still managed to set the mark.

BCFC – Week 6

Quarterback #25 Hunter Lake – Westshore Rebels
The Westshore Rebels recorded their first win of the 2013 season over the weekend in Chilliwack with a 40-33 victory over the Huskers.  The Rebels were led by their multi-talented quarterback Hunter Lake who would finish 18 of 28 for 317 yards and threw five touchdown passes.  He would keep the Huskers defense on their heels, using his feet for success as well, rushing 10 times for 56 yards.  Lake is the “BC Lions Offensive Player of the Week.”

OFC – Week 3

Wide Receiver #80 Karsten Beney – Predators Football
Helping to lead his Predators Football team to a 26-25 (OT) victory over the GTA Bears, WR #80 Karsten Beney had a stellar day by completing seven catches for a grand total of 191 yards (long 55) and two touchdowns, earning him the honours of Week 3 OFC Offensive Player of the Week. Karsten is only 19-years old and is currently a first year player with the Predators. According to the Predators organization, Karsten runs very smooth routes and has good speed for the WR position. He also has a great feel for coverage and understands how to get open. When the ball is delivered in his direction, everyone on the team has great confidence that Karsten will make the catch.

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