Core Distinctions Between NFL and CFL

American football lovers can choose from two forms of competitions: NFL and CFL. They can either choose the NFL (National Football League) or engage in CFL (Canadian Football League). Keep reading the article and reveal the main differences between the two gaming chances.

Football creates a spot for additional salaries and huge wagers. For example, NFL competition recorded an average annual salary of 2.7 million USD in the 2017 season. If we compare this information with the CFL player salary (about $96,857) we can see a significant difference. We can bring closer the same thing by putting the data on single players: NFL player with highest-earnings Russel Wilson makes $35 million per annum while the best CFL player Jamaal Westerman makes $109,000 per year.

Size of playing Field

Another significant distinction between both sports. NFL field takes 100 by 53 1/3 yards and midfield line placed at 50 yards. As opposed to it, the CFL field takes 110 by 65 yards and midfield line located at 55 yards

Players Available in the Field

The overall digit of players in the American NFL amounts to 22. Each team brings 11 players. However, Canadian football competition includes 24 gamers and 12 of them on each side.

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Number of Existing Downs

NFL competition includes 4 downs for every squad to progress the ball 10 yards. CFL includes just 3 downs. CFL Supporters consider it as more interesting for overall fans.

Differences in Time Rules/Timeouts

In NFL each squad possesses 3 timeouts periods in a single half. In addition, you can see a warning which occurs at the end of the half (in duration od 2 min). Canadian CFL is the competition where each squad has two timeouts in a single game.

Scoring Distinction

These rules seem to apply to both competitions. See all below:

· Safety equals 2 points

· a field goal results in 3 points

· a touchdown equals 6 points

· kicked extra point result in the additional score

· conversion run makes up 2 points

Overtime Period

When the game ends in a tie, the squads will start the overtime period (quarter) to get the winner. American and Canadian national leagues differ in overtime format.

Typical Season and Playing Schedule

NFL season kicks off in Sept and finishes in Dec/Jan. Each squad competes in 16 matches. Playoffs start in the first month and final match—the Super Bowl—is scheduled for the first Sunday in Feb.

CFL season kicks off in June and finishes in Nov. Each squad will compete in 18 matches. Playoffs happen in Nov and the final match—the Grey Cup—is scheduled for the last Sunday in Nov.

Post Location of Field Goal

American football competition has the field goal posts placed at the back of its final zone. As opposed to this rule, CFL contains the goal posts placed at the front of the last zone.

Rules about Fair Catches and Punt Returns

NFL contains rules which give precise information about punts and punt returner activity. CFL, however, doesn’t include catch rule.

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