D-Day: Will UQTR join CIS football?

The clock is ticking for University of Quebec Trois-Rivieres (UQTR).

As CFC reported back in January, a report from RDS indicated that UQTR was looking to field a CIS team for 2017.

However, a report surfaced yesterday by LeNouvelliste reporter Nicolas Ducharme which indicates that after multiple delays, UQTR will now render a decision by November 21st.

Time is short for UQTR as they must submit a letter of intent to the RSEQ that November 26th if they intend to forge ahead with it.

On Monday night, UQTR board members met with the Chairman of the UQTR Foundation and lead on the football project Jean-Guy Pare for over an hour.  Pare and UQTR Foundation General Director Daniel Milot did a presentation for the board regarding the proposal.

If this proposal is accepted, UQTR participation will be expected to be $150,000. Additionally, they have 35 sponsors/investors and their targeted goal by the end of the 2016 year is to reach 100.

The school is citing that it would reflect badly to give funds to a new sports team when educational cutbacks are taking place.

One thing the school will be part of is the infrastructure of a new stadium, including a locker room currently where CEGEP Division 3 Trois-Rivieres Diablos plays. The bill for this is supposed to be $3.2 million dollars.  The costs would be shared between the Quebec government, UQTR, the college and city of Trois-Rivieres.

Via incidental fees, students could also invest in the new team as they could contribute three dollars per school session.  The money from this will be put towards 30 scholarships for students in exchange for free admission to games. However, 45 percent have opted not to pay this fee.

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