DB Rehman looking ahead to the future

Tartans standout considering multiple CIS schools

Campbell Tartans defensive back Bazil Rehman credits last year’s city final for making him a better player.

Bazil Rehman

Defensive Back (Halfback, Cornerback, Safety)

5’6, 142 lbs

Campbell Collegiate Tartans (high school: RIFL)
Regina Minor Football


Official Visits

British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Regina, Toronto, Open


It’s only been three years for Tartan’s Bazil Rehman playing on the gridiron. But in that time the amount he has learned playing, one would think he’s been playing for ten years. Starting off with Regina Minor Football, Rehman played for the Eagles and Renegades before moving onto his current team, the Campbell Collegiate Tartans of the Regina Intercollegiate Football League (RIFL)

During his time with the Renegades and Eagles he won two city championships. His big highlight of last season though was playing in the finals. It was there he learned more about the game and how he can he improve even more for next season.

For Rehman, his biggest influence comes from his grandfather, without him he wouldn’t be the person he is both on and off the field.

“My grandpa has influenced me to do everything in my life, he is the reason I do what I do” said Rehman.”

rehman 1

He also added that his football influence comes from NFL Cornerback and safety, Charles Woodson. Rehman enjoys modelling his game after the Raiders player. He also added that Troy Polomalu, former strong safety of the Pittsburgh Steelers is another one of his influences. Rehman loves working his game around these two players since he sees them as the best.

“They are the best at what they do and you have to learn from the best” added Rehman.

Rehman works day in and out at the gym doing just about everything. He always starts off with various football drills before moving onto curls and squats. He quickly moves onto deadlifts and calf raises. He also gets a fair share of heavy cardio work done.

On top of playing football, being in the gym improving his game and working hard in school, Rehman is also a part of Campbells music program.

Currently Rehman is focused on his game but also on his academics. His main goal is to finish school and end up in a good post-secondary school. Although he hasn’t made any commitments yet he continues to visit more university’s and hopes to get a good general idea of where he wants to go.

For the offseason, Rehman is focused on working out more, getting bigger and making his game better than ever before.

“This summer I am dieting, doing more footwork, skill work and techniques as well as working out even harder and be ready for next season.”


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