DE Heinrichs ready for CJFL experience

Bulldogs standout headed to PFC route.

When the new season rolls around, Matthew Heinrichs, a member of the Bellerose Bulldogs (Alberta School Athletics Association), will be exchanging his collar for claws when he joins the Edmonton Wildcats (Canadian Junior Football League).

Matthew Heinrichs

Defensive Line (End), Offensive Line

6’3, 200 lbs

Bellerose Bulldogs (high school: ASAA)


Official Visits:



Matthew Heinrichs poses for the camrea. Courtesy of Matthew Heinrichs.

Matthew Heinrichs poses for the camrea. Courtesy of Matthew Heinrichs.

Heinrichs, who is in grade 12, was also a member of the 2016 edition of Team North, which competes annually at the Senior Bowl.

While the young football player has several, key events to choose as the highlight of last season, he settled on the game between Bellerose and Paul Kane. It was an inner-city, rivalry game between two St. Albert teams.

“It was a close game all the way through with two tough teams battling it out,” he said.

Standing at 6’3, 200lbs, Heinrichs plays both as a defensive end and an offensive linebacker. He is set to graduate this year and while he had some interest from some CIS programs, he decided to play with the Wildcats.

He said he chose to play with the Wildcats because it gives him the chance to experience playing football at a higher level. It also allows him to better his high school marks so that he may eventually enroll in university and play football.

Heinrichs added that his future plans are to play either NCAA or CIS football while pursuing his passion in nutrition. “Being healthy and working out is something I would still continue pursuing even without football. Having both football and a passion for fitness has elevated my playing,” he said.

In regards to the overall recruiting process, the young defensive end said that it was difficult picking a program and making the right decisions.

While there may always be doubts as to whether or not the right decision was made, Heinrichs knows he has the support of his parents and his coach. He said his parents, “have worked really hard to get me where I am and they’re committed to driving me and supporting my football aspirations.”

He also added that, “My coach, Chad Hill, helped me evolve as a fairly new player to someone who had success in their senior year.”

Currently, Heinrichs trains five days a week in which he works on his strength and explosiveness. He also runs quite often on his off days. When asked about how he would like to improve next season, he said “just going to listen to my coaches and trainers as well as continue to work out and become a better athlete.”

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