de Jesus is technically sound

Eduardo Moreno de Jesus started playing football for the Sackville Titans in grade 7.

Under the tutelage of Sackville’s legendary Coach Joe Lafford, Eduardo developed a vicious, yet technically sound style of blocking.

“Coach Joe was old school, he taught us how to be mean but technical too.”

Like most middle school Sackville boys, Eduardo aspired to play for the Titan’s varsity program at Tantramar’s Regional High School (TRHS).

Undersized, Eduardo remained an offensive lineman his freshman year. Aware he wouldn’t start, let alone play in a game he practiced as though he were a starter, he took every rep he could.

His coaches at the time moved Eduardo to the linebacker core in Grade 10, where he remained through his grade 11 season.

Despite his work ethic in practice, and his commitment to game preparation Eduardo only played a few reps in the Titan’s 2015 perfect season.

However, Eduardo was never discouraged, just motivated to improve.

This past season, his senior year, the Titans filled a need at H-back with Eduardo. With his new position, #44 Eduardo Moreno de Jesus would not only get lots of playing time, but he would also start.

“I was excited to start this year, but I had something to prove to the coaches and myself. Until now I had just practiced, there was a sense of urgency getting to play.”

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Eddy’, reflected Titans head coach Scott O’Neal is, “he defines Tantramar football. He’s tough as nails.”

“Eddy probably played zero time his first two years, and might have gotten in a few times last year. He never complained, and despite getting the crap beat out of him at practice, he never missed one.”


Nicknamed the ‘hitman’ , Eduardo recalled a block he put on a St. John Greyhound defender. “I was supposed to lead up into the hole, but there wasn’t a hole”.

A student of the game Eduardo explained his progression of reads, and upon spying one of the Hounds better linebackers moving parallel to #CFC100 Aidan O’Neal, Jesus tracked him, adjusted his angle, and then hit him.

“The impact was big. I had more speed and when we made contact I almost blacked out, then I looked and he was on the ground. Big D (Titan’s left tackle Dylan Estabrooks) said: ‘Eddy you killed that guy’, I was like, nice!”

Titan’s running back, Aidan O’Neal, led the Country in total yards this season. When asked how he felt about his contribution toward O’Neal’s prolific season Eduardo thoughtfully reflected.

“Setting up Aidan was an honor and privilege, but it was my job. I knew I had to get Aidan to the hole, and if I didn’t, then I killed the play.”

Aside from setting up O’Neal on the Titans l-power run offense, Eduardo was also a key contributor on special teams.

“Eddy was one of the best specialists this year for sure. He never takes a play off, it’s just the kind of kid he is” said Coach O’Neal.

Asked his about preference between tackling and blocking, Eduardo commented, “i loved lead blocking in ISO formation. Each time there’s going to be a hole, and when I get there I get to hit someone. If there’s no one to hit, or no hole I start looking for the Mike or Sam, and I know at some point, I’m going to end up hitting somebody.”

At 5’7 and 170 pounds Eduardo learned to rely on technique and trademark Titan aggression to beat players bigger and more athletic than him.

His advice on becoming a good blocker is, “know who you have, and out work him, at the end of the day it comes down to how much more do you want it than the guy you’re blocking”.

Eduardo dawned his red Titan’s helmet the last time when the Titans travelled to Fredericton to play the Leo Hayes Lions for the New Brunswick final.

The Titans won the game, concluding their second consecutive undefeated season. With the final whistle, many players, Eduardo included, had played their final snap of football.

“Football’s not a major part of my life, but it was a fun 6 years”

Eduardo plans on studying commerce at Mount Allison, where he will stay connected to football by following his teammates journey beyond TRHS.

“Eddy will be okay. He’ll take the lessons he learned, the hard work, the sled, everything he did, he’ll take it with him, he’s a Titan”, Coach O’Neal.


Eduardo Moreno de Jesus
5’7, 170

Team(s): Tantramar Regional High School
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Consideration: Mount Allison University
Class: 2017


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