Delaware State swarm Canada, offer multiple CFC100 and CFC60 prospects

I made a joke earlier in the year that once you get a taste of the Canadian waters, it’s hard to resist coming back – but it seems like Delaware State really took the statement to heart. The Hornets were able to sign CFC100 Michael Chris-Ike, CFC100 Olivier Muembi and Thomas Bertrand-Hudon last cycle, and they were out searching for their next crop of Canadian talent this weekend with a large group of prospects on campus. We were able to catch up with many of their targets to learn more about Delaware State’s recent attack on the trail.

“I really like the approach that they are taking with their program, and I believe that they have a good future ahead of them. It’s great to see that they are taking an aggressive approach in recruiting Canadians, it’s always great to see Canadians given the opportunity to play ball down in the States.”

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